Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The end of the year is the best time of the year. We have Thanksgiving, then Carolina vs. Clemson, then we celebrate the BEST holiday of the year with Christmas, and end it off kissing under the stars for New years!!

The Carolina Gamecock Season ended with a huge 
win over Clemson - 34 to 17!! 

I stayed with my parents the night before, and we got out to the stadium about 8am. It was soooo cold and too early to begin drinking. lol. There wasnt a lot of traffic as I expected, but the parking lots filled up fast with promising fans hoping their team will win. 

Walt as always, was not showing the world he pulled for Carolina because he always gets disappointed. So him and mom made a bet that if Carolina won, Walt had to run naked with her scarf on. Well when Carolina won, Walt didnt think mom would remember this bet in her drunken state. But sure enough she told the other girls, and the where sure to make sure it happen. I quickly made my voice stand out by saying dont need a naked step father running around, she just took his shirt off. The girls were very excited to see this. lol. 


It was a FABULOUS end to the CAROLINA Season!! 

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