Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cancer 2010 Horoscope, 2010 Cancer Astrology

My Astrology Sign Cancer and what it says 2010 will bring me...
Gonna be a good year ahead of me :) 

Career, Incomes and Gains in year 2010

During the year 2010, you can perform much better than previous year. Now you will find yourself full of enthusiasm and zeal. Exiting ventures or projects will prove profitable. The Ventures, which are already running would be good for you. Income would be more and expenses will be lower. There would be an enhancement in your respect. Now you will be able to live a dignified life.

Your relationship with your partners will remain very good. You will profit more from the relationship especially abroad. Surely this year might be Lucky for you. Thus, you should be ready to enjoy much comfortable professional life.

However, the middle phase of the year would be producing some problems related to career and finance. Especially, your friends and associates will try to block your way of success. You are advised not to keep much faith on associates as well as friends. Moreover, you should not consider about change the job.

The last quarter of the year will be revolving the circumstances in your favor. You would be honored for your contribution. Additionally, you might have a chance of career growth or promotion.

Love, Family and Social Life
The year 2010 is a mixed period for love related matters. If you are in love with someone and interested in getting married with her/him, the first and second quarters will not support you at all. You might have to wait till the 3rd and 4th quarters of the year to convert you love into marriage and obtaining a legal license of marriage.

Additionally, you might maintain very cordial relations with your sibling and parents. 

Education and Traveling
First quarter of the year is it not good for education related matters. You might have to face hindrances and your concentration may spoil. Your inclination towards unproductive activities may enhance. Therefore, you should try to control your inner feelings. Planets are not indicating about fruitful and profitable journeys. You should try to avoid journeys; these may bring frustration and expenditures.

You must take care of your health planets are indicating, you may suffer due to health related problems. Frequently you may visit to doctors.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day with the Family!!

So after we spent the morning opening up presents and cuddling in the bed, we went to my parents house to open more presents and spend time with the family!

Christmas was a special time for us this year, bc one it was mine and Steven's first Christmas but it was also my nephew's First Christmas!! Hunter is the perfect age too! At 9 months, he can open his own presents, and can react to things. He's a bundle of joy.

Hunter has this fascination with Steven, its so cute! Every time he see's Steven, he just stares at him or crawls over to him. Its so funny bc Steven is like, idk what to do. lol.

Christmas at the parents was fun. We even celebrated Moms Bday!

Usually every few years, me and Brandy will put a book together for mom to keep on her coffee table.
She loves them dearly!! 


Here are a few pictures from opening presents.....


CHRISTMAS Morning!!!

364 waiting days a year...just to celebrate CHRISTMAS DAY!

For most people, Everyone knows Christmas is my FAVORITE Holiday, well that and my Birthday!! lol. To me Christmas is a day to spend with friends and family you love the most. Its my favorite time of the year, bc it gives me a reason to go SHOPPING. I LOVE LOVE shopping for everyone else. I always find sooo much stuff to buy. Im so broke this time a year. lol. But I dont mind it bc the smiles on peoples faces make it all worth while.

All though this year, I was not able to spend as much as I really wanted to. This has been a slow year for me and the economy. I didnt want all that to ruin my holiday season tho. Christmas morning was amazing waking up next to my snuggle bunny!! He's just so cute, and I love making him smile.

We opened our presents and enjoyed our time together. While we opened the awesome gifts from each other, Diesel decided to steal the boxes and tear them down, so he didnt have to play box head later. lol.


Christmas Eve

So there was one more gift I needed to get Steven, but hadnt had a chance to get to Columbia. So on Christmas Eve, We made a trip to Columbia so I could go to Hobby Lobby but had Steven go to another store bc I couldnt let him seeing me buy it. lol. Although I had a really good idea he would figure this out, bc One what else is in Hobby Lobby he's gonna like, and Two theres no other way to wrap this thing with out him knowing...He thinks way to much. lol.

So before we left his house I folded up his jersey and put it in my purse so I could make sure I find the right size frame. At first I found a brown one, and I was like Nooo...I need black! I almost gave up then I found the black. I was soooo Excited!! I got the frame, put it in it, went and got wrapping paper and a big bow. I had to make sure I wrapped it before I left. The girls at the store were giggling at me. But hey what else could I do.

He didnt really say much about it on the way home, except - "Its a Frame" and I was like...NOPE!! lol

When we got home, I had to keep him out of the office, bc I knew if he went into his closet he would figure it out in a heart beat. Well my mom called me and had me distracted and sure enough Steven went into his closet and figured it out. I was soo mad. lol. not really. But since he figured it out, I went ahead and let him open it, and of course he was soo EXCITED!! I dont think Ive seen him smile that big! It was soo Adorable.

Since he opened one and told me to open one too! YAY!! I was so excited to see a new camera, mine has been lagging and messing up soooo bad!!

It was a Wonderful CHRISTMAS EVE!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Love Bugs <3

As everyone knows - Steven went home to Michigan for two weeks for Thanksgiving. And we all know that he takes as much pictures as I do ( this could be a reason I like him so much lol), so of course I was excited to see he posted pictures. They caught me off guard, bc something was different with them. HE HAD FACIAL HAIR! Usually Im not a big fan of it, bc its itchy!! BUT OMG he looked SOOO GOOD with facial hair. lol. So how could I not like it!!

So when he got home of course I had to investigate all this facial hair, and I must admit, I still LOVE IT!! But seeing as he is in the military he can not keep it. So before he shaved it off last night, we took some cute pictures!!

"Our First" Christmas...

Last week, When Steven brought me dinner to work - like he does majority of the time :) we were talking about whatever. He said we needed to find an ornament for Our First Christmas. It made me smile bc most guys, for the most part dont really care about that stuff. So we went in to Hallmark and didnt really see any that we liked and then we came across this one. Yes I love it bc Its SNOOPY but it fits us perfectly. Steven usually throws a lick in on the side of my face to make me smile when were goofing around. I usually scream...EWWW!!! lol. So when we saw this one, we knew it would be "Our First" Ornament!!  Its looks PERFECT hanging from our little tree.....

FB vs. Real Friends and the DISAPPOINTMENT!

FB - What does it mean to you?

Everyone on my FB list is someone I PERSONALLY know. Im not the one who adds people just to see how many friends I can get. I randomly clean out my list of people I no longer speak to or havent spoken to in ages. Yes FB is great to catch up with old friends that you havent seen or talked to in years, but saying "hey how are you" and "what have you been up to these last few years" when you add them and never speaking to them again, IS NOT CATCHING UP!!

I enjoy FB because I can keep in touch with family that live all over the world and also keep in touch with the friends, who have a busy life style.

Im the type of person who cares more about my friends and family then myself. I dont like to
disappoint the people who mean the most to me. I have try so hard to make everyone else happy, but what about me?

I have noticed all my so called friends have become just FB friends. They all claim to be my friends, and everyone wants to get together and hang out, but when something is planned, they all seem to back out at the last moment.

Since I moved to Sumter Im about an hour from the majority of my friends. I dont really get to see them as much as I would like to. But I also make a good bit of trips to Columbia, and usually about once a month I plan something to get together with everyone. When I have a get together I do it in Columbia, so my friends dont have to do all the driving.

The funny thing about FB is that is ALWAYS bust people. People dont think about it and will say hey I cant make it bc of blah blah blah, but then their spouse will say headed out with the wife to..... If your gonna tell me one thing, make sure you tell your spouse not to put it on their status that your gonna go do something else. And to be honest I dont want an explanation if you cant come. Jut say hey I cant make it.

Living in Sumter has been a long stressful journey with myself, but Im learning so much about myself, who I want to be, what I want in life, and realizing who my real friends are.

Its time I started putting myself first. Im tired of always getting disappointed by my friends and family. Not one of my friends or family members has been to my house in Sumter. I've been here 6 months and Im gonna be here another year. Then im gone. So if you want to hang out with me, surprise me. Because im done coming to you.....

Yet again, Ive been disappointed......

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Begining to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!!!

Christmas is my favorite time of the year! Since I was a little girl it has always been a magical time. I love all the lights, and presents and just the joy of friends and family. I LOVE buying presents for people, I usually go over board. I Love to wrap presents as well, Is sooo much fun. 

While Steven has been away for two weeks, I decided to start decorating. I got my tree up and decorated, Christmas lights around the porch are hung and ready to shine at night. The stockings are ready for mini presents to brighten the day. 

Its CHRISTMAS Time....


The end of the year is the best time of the year. We have Thanksgiving, then Carolina vs. Clemson, then we celebrate the BEST holiday of the year with Christmas, and end it off kissing under the stars for New years!!

The Carolina Gamecock Season ended with a huge 
win over Clemson - 34 to 17!! 

I stayed with my parents the night before, and we got out to the stadium about 8am. It was soooo cold and too early to begin drinking. lol. There wasnt a lot of traffic as I expected, but the parking lots filled up fast with promising fans hoping their team will win. 

Walt as always, was not showing the world he pulled for Carolina because he always gets disappointed. So him and mom made a bet that if Carolina won, Walt had to run naked with her scarf on. Well when Carolina won, Walt didnt think mom would remember this bet in her drunken state. But sure enough she told the other girls, and the where sure to make sure it happen. I quickly made my voice stand out by saying dont need a naked step father running around, she just took his shirt off. The girls were very excited to see this. lol. 


It was a FABULOUS end to the CAROLINA Season!!