Saturday, May 30, 2009

Funny Story - Small World

So come to find out the only person me and Steven have in common is my Step-Sister that I havent seen in like 10 years. Such a small world. So we all got together one Saturday afternoon to eat lunch and catch up on every thing we have missed. Lacy has a little girl Eve. She looks just like her and Her brother Derek is in Iraq till January I believe. It was nice catching up on old times. Hopefully know we can keep in touch!

Mom & Lacy

Brandy, Me & Lacy

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Day at Folly Beach!!

Candace had the day off so we decided to take the day and go to Folly Beach!! We both have been needing a day of vacation. Folly Beach is only an hour & half away, so what better way to spend the day. While down there I also got to see one of my bestest from Coker College.

One of my Bestest - Richard

Me & Candace soaking up the sun

Friday, May 15, 2009

Vista after 5 - Jillians

Every Thursday is Vista after 5 at Jillian's. Mom and Walt help run this program. All donations go to the Children's Hospital. This is also the night I met Steven. Steven seems like a really kool person. He likes photography, so thats a big plus! =) and He's fun to be around. So I might have a new friend.

Me, Mom, & Mary

Me & Mom

Me & Steven

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

This year for Mothers Day we had a lunch at Brandys house. This was her first Mothers Day and she was sooo excited! She had Lynn & Mark, Tasha & Adam, plus Joseph over! Mom and Walt came as well. Chris had to work. It was a nice relaxing day with the family.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

For MOM on Mothers Day

Me and Brandy decided for Mothers Days we wanted to get some pictures of us done for her. Seeing as Im the one always behind the camera I never get them done. Both of us had new hair cuts too show off. So after work me and Brandy took hunter down to Sears to get our pictures done. We had a few coupons, so it worked out. Our pictures looked great. We ordered a collage for my mom, and I ordered a few of just me to pass out!! Here are a few of them....


Alright Guys!! I got a new hair cut. Its defiantly much shorter then I wanted. I went in there wanting a few inches cut off and came out with a hole new hair style. I dont really mind because when I walk in there I tell Miss Tj to do whatever she thinks looks good on me. All I want is to look my age. I like it, but I dont. I have my moments with it. Everyone tells me I pull it off well, and it looks great. I just miss my length. I know its just hair and it will grow back...its just the matter of getting used to it.