Friday, December 23, 2016

Made it through the SECOND TRIMESTER!

Im not going to lie, my second trimester was not any easier then my first. The nausea finally stopped! Which is a huge relief... how does anyone function with all that! whew! Hunger seems to come and go. Some days im hungry and some days Im not. Most days I have no appetite for anything.. but whats new from previous pregnancies. These girls don't like food! Like the other 2, shes likes her sugar and chocolate. I have eaten more sugar this time around. Since having an anterior placenta I don't feel her that often, so I eat a handful of sour gummy bears - and shes all over the place! I've decided if thats how im going to get my kick counts in this pregnancy then i'm not going to complain. I mean we all know my candy addiction is REAL anyways!

I did have a scare the beginning of the trimester, because some of my blood came back abnormal. I was not going to worry about it, bc it always comes back with abnormalities.. but this was with one of the genetic testing. The spina bifida one - the levels came back high. I went and saw a maternal specialist. Something I had to do by myself, and after Payton - this is never an appointment you should do by yourself. Thankfully everything came back out. My levels were one point over the failing point. But the doctors still want to treat me as if im high risk and keeping an eye on everything. So for the remaining of the pregnancy I will see the doctor ever 2 weeks. Every 4 weeks will be a normal check up and every 2 weeks I will have an ultra sound to make sure she is growing on schedule.

I feel like Emersyn looks so much like Payton too. She's is roughly about 2lbs, so a little smaller then the girls at this point. We will see how much she grows... and me... in the next few weeks.