Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sugar Mountain Snowboarding Trip....

I absolutely LOVE to go SNOWBOARDING and finding Friends who love it as well is GREAT!! A few of us went up to Sugar Mountain in N.Carolina. It was sooo cold, and even snowed a little before we left. We spent most of the day on the Slopes and that evening we went Ice Skating - Which was AWESOME because ive never ice skated outdoors. LOL :D

Fred nor Daysha new how to snowboard so me and Ronnie spent most of the day helping them. Which they caught on, but not extremely fast! lol. Fred on the other hand might want to stick to paying in the snow. Ronnie and I did catch a good few runs down the slop with Nea and James.

It was a WONDERFUL weekends with the BEST of Friends.

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Day!

New Years Day we went to the Lake House as the Parents were making Dinner. Daniel came with me! It was a fun relaxing day!


I took Daniel downtown to hang out with some of my Friends..We had a Blast. Daniel got sick for the first time too - you can count on NICK to do that one. LOL. AWESOME!

I love these guys!!
Wild Wings in the Vista
Red Hots in 5 Points..
I love my Ronnie!
Having lots of fun :D
He's my Nick!!
The Guys - This was their serious look