Sunday, April 10, 2016

Letters to Charleston - 8 Months Old

Dear Charleston, 

When did you become 8 months! Yes, I said {EIGHT MONTHS}. Time has just flown by! You continue to change before my very eyes and you continue to become more fun each day.

This month you became mobile. You have started army crawling and exploring and going after what you want. You no longer sit idly playing with toys, but instead seek after whatever you can see and reach. These things tend to be on the dangerous side - especially in the ever so messy office; scissors, electrical outlets, power cords and the fake tree you like to pull the leaves off. This wouldn't be so bad, but it has fallen on top of you 3 times. You think you would of figured this one out by now. You have not figured out the concept of crawling yet, as your not sure how to get your stomach of the ground and keep it up. In the last few days you have gotten up on all four, and your ready to crawl, but then just fall to the ground and start to army crawl. We have not started child-proofing yet, but since you continue to keep us on our toes, I think its time. You gave mommy a scare the other day.. During the day sometimes you nap on our bed bc thats where you fall asleep and I don't want to move you to your crib so I just stack pillows around you. Well apparently I did not get to you fast enough after you woke up and you decided to reach for something and fell off the bed. You screamed for about 3 secs, bc it took me about 2 to get too you. Once I had you cuddled in my arms you were ok and ready to move around again. You did get your first booboo, but it does not seem to phase you. 

Your daddy and I argue about your first word! I swear its "hey." We say it so often in our household it's easy for you to pick up. Also when your doing something your not suppose to do, I usually say "HEY!" instead of saying "NO!" You also say the typical dadadadadada.. so of course daddy takes that as you saying "Dada." I guess time will tell when you start to really talk and we can make out your words more. 

While those developments were so exciting and welcome, one thing that I could've done without this month was your nap strike. You didn't give up naps all together, but I'd say that more often than not, your naps were 20 minutes or less. You have had a few bad nights this month, Im not sure if its due to your teeth or what. You cry for a few mins and usually go back to sleep when we pat your back, but its a few times a night now. 

You are becoming so much more aware of yourself and of your surroundings. You notice our food and must have it. You love playing with your hands and feet. You play with your tongue and perpetually scratch your head. If you drop something or I hide a dangerous object, you no longer simply forget it, but instead strain your head to find the missing thing.

You have 3 teeth now. The 2 on the bottom and 1 on the top that has broke through in the last few days. I swear the only time I know your teething is your slight fever thats associated with it. This top tooth has made your nose a little runny, but still a fairly happy baby! 

You had your first trip to the pool this month. You were a little unsure at first, but after a few mins you loved it. You are def going to be a water baby this summer. 

I love you baby girl. I love picking you up and you wrap your little arms around my neck giving me a reason to better myself, and love life even more. We've got some good times ahead of us. Thank you, sweet girl, for being such a shinning star. 

I love you to the moon and back,