Monday, January 11, 2016

Letters to Charleston - 5 Months Old

Dear Charleston,

Yesterday you turned 5 months old. I can’t believe you’re already such a little lady. You’re still full of smiles but you’ve picked up many new skills in the past month. You can sit up (with a little support), reach your toes, hold your own bottle, blow bubbles, roll both ways and jump a ton in your bouncer. You even love to sit in your bumbo seat and watch Kate and Mim Mim. You have become more vocal in the last few weeks and sometimes I think you just like hearing your own voice. But I don't mind.. It's so cute!

We saw the pediatrician for an unscheduled visit this month bc of a little cough you had.. But luckily it went away as fast as it showed up! You weigh 15 pounds and probably somewhere around 25/25.5 inches. Most of your clothes are still 0-3 and 3 months, although you can wear a few 3-6 months depending on brand. Your hair is lightening up just a touch and has started falling out. Your eyes look like they will stay blue like Your daddy's and I.

Dr. Lewis suggested we start solids with you at 4 months, but I’ll admit it: I wasn’t ready. That is just another sign that you’re speeding away from baby status. My plan was to wait until 6 months, but every parent knows that a parenting plan never goes as you’d like. You have already started staring at solid foods and reaching for it. We decided to start you on avocados first. You didn't have much of a reaction to it. You hated the whole spoon feeding thing more then anything. We have also started sweet potatoes, squash and pears. Sweet potatoes you liked for a few days but when you got the spoon feeding figured out, you didn't care for sweet potatoes any more. Squash you kinda liked and pears you didn't like at all. I think we have apples next to try! I've been trying to extend your in between eating time but you want to go back wards. You were eating every 4hrs, your now eating every 3hrs. It averages somewhere between 3-5hrs. Depending on your days. Your such a chunky monkey!

You went on your first road trip this month. We went to Orlando to see Grandpa Hoey and your Great Grandparents Hoey and Carbonaro! You did so well in the car ride. Slept most of the time. Even when you were awake you were quiet as can be! You got to meet so many family members while we were in Orlando & of course you were the topic of all conversation!

You took your first trip to the Magic Kingdom while we were their as well!! You enjoyed seeing all the colors and characters. Cinderella's step sisters wanted to keep you! You can't help it - your just so cute! We did a Disney 3D orchestra show and you loved it. Well until u got sprinkled with water & then you were a little confused. But I think your first Disney trip was a success!

And sweet pea, you don’t know it, but you have a friend who watches over you from heaven. Her name is Payton and she would have been 17 months old tomorrow. She didn’t make it though, and that makes Mommy and daddy very sad. But we are lucky to have such a sweet little guardian angel to take care of you.

Mommy and Daddy are so glad that you found us. I never could’ve imagined that you would be so perfect! I LOVE your head full of brown hair, and you look just like Mommy! Your my mini me! 

You’re still a laid back, smiley girl and you know how to light up a room with your infectious smile. You’re still sleeping well at night, but you fight sleep during the day during nap times. Dad & I love you so much. We can't forget about Hera! She loves to protect you and her favorite thing is to lick all your drool off. You’re growing and changing so much. It’s what you’re supposed to do, but Mommy just wants to bottle your 5 month-old sweetness for now. Please don’t grow up too fast.

All my love,