Friday, June 10, 2016

Letters to Charleston - 10 Months Old

Dear Charleston,
It blows my mind that you are about to enter the double digits of babyhood! Time has flown way to fast since your beautiful birth. I feel like I’ve blinked and you’ve become a little girl. I can’t believe you are now cruising on furniture, playing with your toys and would rather stand than crawl. 
You may have said “dada” first, but you can’t stop saying “mamamama” now, which makes me smile every time. Especially if I leave the room. You will chase be down screaming mama mama. You have learned to make the cutest noises. Grandma Terri loves to copy you and you always respond right back. Its like you two have your own language. Although I love the sounds, I can't wait till you are making actual words and I can find out what is going on in that sweet head of yours. 
You find so much joy in other people’s smiles, especially mine and daddy’s. You love going to Grandma Terri's. You always know where you are as soon as we step foot in her garage. You always have the biggest smile on your face. You light up Great Granddaddy's face every time he sees you. He is always making you giggle, and we cant help but giggle with you. Your sweet laugh is contagious. 
We wont see your doctor again until 12 months, so I just sat you on our scale. Your weighing in at 18.9 pounds. Your still wearing 6 months clothes, but have also started to wear some 6-9 month clothes. Your feet are finally starting to thin out some, so you can wear shoes! Which is good, bc you have a CLOSET FULL! 
I am in full swing of planning your FIRST birthday! I can not believe its in TWO MONTHS! There is not really theme, but a color scheme of Pink and Gold! With a little "Princess" thrown in. :) I've already purchased your smash cake session outfit as well as your party day outfit. I even have your cake ordered! We did a little bit of vanilla and chocolate, but regardless. I think it's safe to assume you will devour it. 
You have a very hearty appetite. With your 6 teeth. You absolutely love your food. We have not tried too many table food items yet, but you LOVE the things we have tried: sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, peas, strawberries & spaghetti noodles. You still love your blueberry, cranberry and apple baby food. We started doing some of the baby snacks like: lil crunchies, yogurt melts, puffs & mum mums. If I had to guess your favorite food would be the ranch lil crunchies. But you are obsessed with the peach puffs and yogurt melts we just started you on. You have never really wanted juice, unless it was some of my Herbalife beverage mix, or aloe. Daddy bought you some white grape juice, you really like now. 
I love watching you grow and change everyday! You bring joy to so many people. You are so very loved!
Love you Always,