Saturday, June 3, 2017

Letters to Emersyn - 3 Months Old

Dear Emersyn,

You turn 3 months old today!! Two things are certain: I have no idea where those three months went and you're changing every day. I hope these letters freeze time just a little bit by giving you a snap shot of what you were like at just 90 days old. We love you more with each passing day.

Your eyes seem to be getting bluer by the day and your dark hair is growing like weeds. You don't really have a favorite toy or anything, but you have found your hands! Your constantly grabbing onto blankets, or even my shirts when your snuggled up close. You started to grab your bottle as well.

You have become more aware of your surroundings. You're getting really good at tracking Charleston as she runs around the room in circles around you. You would prefer to be cuddled in my arms, but Im determined to get you to like tummy time or swing time. Its not that you hate either, you just can't be swaddled up tight. Your moving around a lot more, so not sure how much longer you will be able to use the swaddle blankets. Which might be harder for mommy to work. If I can get you to sit in your swing or lay on the floor long enough for mommy to get some work done, that would be amazing. But none the less, I don't mind cuddling you all day. My work and house cleaning can wait!

You are a very good sleeper. You usually go down about 7:30 and sleep to about 7am. You are still sleeping in the rock n play, but working on moving you to either the pack and play or the crib. You're just not a fan of sleeping on a flat surface. You still nap a good bit during the day, but I find you awake and more alert in between.

Your getting bigger by the day. You are currently in size one diapers and moving your way into 0-3 month clothes. In an unofficial weigh-in using the bathroom scale, you clock in between 10 and 11 pounds. Your eating 6 oz. in the morning and sometimes before bed. During the day you still do 4 oz. Usually every 3-4 hours. I need you to slow down some! I have a feeling your going to be my last baby and that makes me want to keep you small even longer. Maybe one day I can talk your daddy into making you a big sister {but shh, we can work on him later}!

You don't currently have any teeth, but im about 99% sure you have one trying to come through. You drool every now and then. And when I put my finger in your mouth to massage gums you smile as if its the best thing in the world. If your anything like your sister, you are right on track as she had 2 teeth coming in at this time.

You may not have a favorite toy, but you do love baths. Especially getting your hair washed. We took you in the pool for the first time on Memorial day and you loved it. Then you passed out hard.

You do pretty decent on trips around town or even to Aunt Brandy's house. We are gearing up for the biggest road trip you or your sister has been on. Next week we head to Ohio. Which should be an interesting ride up. Your Aunt Brandy and I plus you, Charleston, Hunter, Jonathan and Randy all in one car.. while Grandma Sherri and Uncle TJ in another. With kids, Cleveland usually takes about 12-13 hours. Hunter is used to it, Jonathan has done the drive a few times, the rest of you munchkins have an adventure that awaits you. Hopefully this will get you used to traveling more, bc you girls and I head to Orlando at the end of June. You are going to be cuddled and loved by all kinds of family members. Im sure you will love it.

Im looking forward to the many adventures with you and your sister. Hopefully time slows down enough for me to remember every moment (mommy brain in full effect over here), if not we have these letters to look back on. Until our next monthly update....

Mommy loves you.