Sunday, December 3, 2017

Letters to Emersyn - 9 Months Old

Dear Emersyn,

The year of your birth is coming to a close and we are ready to start the new year with you! There will be a lot of wonderful things in store for our family in 2018 and everything we do, we do for you and your sister. I have said it before, but it is worth repeating…we are smitten by you.  Sometimes, after you go to sleep, I find myself curled up on the couch scrolling through pictures of you, remembering both the moments when you were teeny tiny and the current moments of the day. Our house is full of such happy sounds and I am so blessed to wake up to such a beautiful and HAPPY family every single day. 

Since learning to crawl, you’ve been getting into all sorts of mischief. You will no longer sit still for more than about 0.00002 of a second, as you just want to crawl off somewhere! 

Two days after you learned how to crawl, you learned how to pull yourself up and stand. Since then you’ve learned how to shimmy your way along furniture and other things. You can also walk if someone holds your hands, but the balance isn’t quite there yet. Still, you look so excited!

We have tried some more foods! You love it all. I haven’t found anything you don’t like yet. You get mad though if we don’t feed you our food, and as much as you get excited for baby food it does not come out fast enough for you. You def eat more then Charleston did at this age, but you are so much smaller. 
Speaking of eating, you have 2 teeth on the bottom and 1 tooth on the top that has broke through and the one next too it is is trying to break through. It should be all the way out by the end of the month. 

We have moved your crib down two levels bc you like to stand and play in your crib. You have no problems with your crib and sleep pretty good in it. We have officially stopped using the rock n play. You still wake up about 4am but we started just giving you your bottle in the crib bc you will fall back to sleep afterwards. And you usually sleep to about 8am now. 

We have done some traveling this month. For Thanksgiving we went to Albany GA to meet papas family! So you got to meet great Grandpa and Great Grandma and all the aunts and uncles from that side of the family. It was the first time Charleston met them too! We had a lot of fun and of course you two were the talk of the day! A week after coming back from GA we went to Disney!! Not your first trip but you understood a little more! You got to meet Minnie and Mickey! You loved Mickeys nose! You were kissing all over it. You even got to see Donald and Goofy! They made you giggle too! You loved it! I’m sure they did too! 

I can not wait to see you on your first Christmas morning! Your at the perfect age too! 
Merry Christmas, sweet girl! We love you more than you will ever know.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Letters to Emersyn - 8 Months Old

Dear Emersyn!

Today you are eight months old! Goodness gracious, EIGHT months! I might as well start planning your 1st birthday. You will soon realize I am a planner and love hosting things. I have given it some honest thought though, I'm keeping with the Kate Spade theme. So your Birthday party with me black, white, gold and a hint of hot pink! Just like your bedroom....your baby shower was the same theme too.

Every day seems to go faster and faster, making us suddenly at eight months. Your continuing to change before my very eyes and you continue to become more fun everyday. This month, you ceased to be my tiny baby girl and became what I refer to you as, "my grown up baby.

This month you started sitting up and you also became mobile. You started crawling and exploring and going after what you want. You no longer lay on the floor playing with toys, but instead seek after whatever you can see and reach. These things tend to be on the dangerous side - the fireplace, electrical outlets, and power cords. The house is already child-proof, but you are continuing to keep us on our toes.

And as if crawling weren't enough, you have also learned to pull yourself up. You stand in your crib. Your pulling up on all the furniture. You even moved between two objects while standing yesterday. Stop that! Stop that behavior that resembles walking. You are my wittle bitty baby!

You are becoming so much more aware of yourself and of your surroundings. You're curiosity gets the best of you, especially when shopping with mommy and grandma - you just look around and take in your surroundings with such wonderment. But it seems like you are happy to go along on any adventure. You love playing with your toes and putting them in your mouth. You only have 2 teeth but you are drooling buckets and leaving puddles. When you see food, you must have it. Your favorites would have to be honey crisp apples and sweet potatoes too. You did get your first taste of some water and aloe. You loved it, just like your sister. Bath time has become so fun with you. You had your first bath in grandmas sink. I think you were a little confused but quickly had fun splashing the water everywhere. Now that you can sit up unassisted your enjoying things a lot more.

We don't see the pediatrician till next month, but I am guessing your roughly 15lbs. You were 13lbs in September. You can wear anything from 3 to 6 months clothes. Anything bigger then that is still too big. We have graduated up to size 3 diapers, but you still have lots of room to grow in them. I have a feeling you will be in those for a while, your sister was. We are still struggling with shoes. Unfortunately you have wide feet like your sister, so finding shoes that fit are not easy. We have a few pairs for Charleston that fit you. Your not so sure about them. Your only getting used to having socks on your feet too.

During the week, we stay fairly busy outside the house. We have our mommy and me workouts we go to. I think its your favorite time of the day, you get so many cuddles from everyone and you can now chase all the kids around the studio. I'm sure this is were you are learning all those big kid things like crawling, pulling up and almost walking. You sleep so well afterwards. Usually about 2 hours. When you wake up, I always hear you cooing and babbling away in your crib. Your night sleep schedule has changed a little though, you like to get up between 4 and 5 to get a bottle, but quickly go back to sleep to about 7:30ish when your sister wakes up and runs in to give you hugs and kisses. You love everything about her. She can always make you giggle...its so cute.

Life with you at eight months old couldn't be any better. You are such a happy baby and you and your sister can charm us all day long with those giggles and smiles. The love you have for your sister and even your puppy is amazing. I am looking forward to the Holiday season with you and your sister as we do a bit of traveling.

I love you sweet girl.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Letters to Emersyn - 7 Months Old

Dear Emersyn,

You are 7months old. This number blows my mind! When did you get so big? But your still so little! We don’t see the doctor this month.. but from your previous appointment - I’m guessing your roughly 14lbs. Which I believe Charleston was 16lbs at 7months. So your a little smaller. 
Your still in 3-6months clothes & size 3 diapers. 

You have ventured into the world of solid foods. You love Honey Crisp Apples, Pears, Pumkin & Sweet Potatoes. You were not too sure of the mangos. So we will try those again later. You did try some quacamole and you loved it. Of course! It’s so good! You even had your first taste of an Herbalife Shake! Your eyes got so big and you wanted more and more! Once you figure out how to use a straw I’m sure I will have you fighting for my shakes too! Your two bottom front teeth are completely in now - although you would think your ready for reg food. Your always grabbing for it. 

You are now mobile. You army crawl like a pro. I know it will only be days before you get this crawling thing down. You are so determined to do everything Charleston does! You have really figured out how to use those hands and feet. Grabbing and kicking everything. Your just like your big sister at this age. You love for me to carry you so you can hold on to the shopping cart. I think we’re going to have another shopper on our hands. You also started pulling up on things this past month and sitting up a little on your own. I’m going to need you to slow down just a tad. Your growing way to fast. 

Your still sleeping like pro at night. Usually asleep before 8 and your up at 6:30 to eat, but sometimes fall back asleep after you eat. You always wake up happy and ready to start the days. You have started fighting naptime some, but sleep usually wins. Your naps can last anywhere from an hour to 3hours. Now if I could get yours and Charleston nap to overlap some so I can get some work done. A mom can only hope right?!?! Lol. 

Oh sweet girl! I know I can not stop or slow time down! All I ask is you stay a baby as long as you can! I love watching you grow and see your little personality shine through! I absolutely love watching you and your sister become best friends! I am blessed to be your mommy! 

Love you always! 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Letters to Emersyn - 6 Months Old

My little Emersyn! 

At six months you’re as eager as ever to get moving. You’re frustrated when you can’t reach things and let out a yelp of irritation. You’re happiest on your belly, kicking around and pulling yourself in a circle as you try (and try and try) to navigate your way across the room. Whenever I put you down to play on your back you roll over and often twist yourself around like a baby compass. Your little legs never stop kicking. Even when you’re sleeping you move so much – often waking yourself up. You can get up on all 4 now, but you have not officially started crawling yet. I give it a month and you will be all over the place. Slow down little one, stay still a little longer.

We don't see the pediatrician till Wednesday so for your unofficial numbers.. you weigh roughly 12.5 pounds. Your still wearing 3month clothes and size 2 diapers but I think we're about to move you up to size 3. You do so much better with hair bows then Charleston ever did! Yay, bc we have so many. Lol. We did try a pair of shoes the other day - you were very confused on what was on your feet! But they stayed on for the most part. We will just have to keep working with them. 

And sweet girl, you don’t know it, but you have a sister who watches over you from heaven. Her name is Payton and she would have been 3 years old this month. She didn’t make it though, and that makes Mommy and Daddy very sad. But we are lucky to have such a sweet little guardian angel to take care of you and Charleston. 

Mommy and Daddy are so glad that you found us. I never could’ve imagined that you would be so perfect! I LOVE your head full of Aubrun hair, and you look just like me! Makes your daddy mad both of you girls look like me! I tell people I plan on taking over the world by cloning little mini me's! You girls may look like me, but you do have some of your daddy's traits. You both have his wide feet! Ughhh! Makes it hard for finding shoes that fit. Charleston got Daddy's curls, we will soon find out if you got them as well. But it looks like you will have super fine hair like me. Charleston does too. Your has more red then hers! Which I love. Your grandma Sherri has red hair. I have red highlights, I was hoping one of you girls would have red hair so we will see how things change as you grow. 

We haven't officially started you on solid foods yet but we did give you some sweet potatoes and boy did you love them!!! Avacodos are my first choice of foods to start you on, so we will see what foods you like here soon. 

Don't grow too fast sweet girl. Mommy loves you! 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Letters to Emersyn - 5 Months Old

Dear Emersyn! 

You’ve started to laugh and it lights up the whole room when you do! Your generous smile (you always have one for Mommy!) is what keeps me going, even when you wake me in the middle of night, which is a rare occasion. And it's usually only bc you lost your pacifier. 

Your a happy baby. You smile all the time, and giggle too. This month I've seen you fall so in love with your sister. She's your favorite person. She does a little dance, and you crack up. You watch her every move all over the house. 

You get so excited about life sometimes that you squeal at the top of your little lungs! You’ve also just started to blow raspberries and spit bubbles. You’re fascinated by the world around you and you like to learn about thing by putting them in your mouth to feel what there all about. Your drooling puddles but I haven't seen any teeth break through. 

You love being on your changing table, and your tiny toes always seem to make their way to your mouth when you’re on it. I think they taste best at a higher altitude.

You don’t like tummy time so much, but who needs it anyway! You can hold up your sweet little auburn head just fine. Your rolling around like crazy! Your even scooting around some, which I'm not quite ready for that one! Your never in the same spot I leave you at.

You haven’t started solids yet, but you will in a month or so…no rush, right sweet girl? We have tried a little bit of oatmeal in your milk, but I'm not seeing it keep you any more fuller. Your still eating 6 oz. about every 4 hours. Sometimes longer sometimes shorter. 

You really like to be held. People say that I’m going to spoil you, but they don’t know that you just need a little extra comfort sometimes. This world may be exciting, but it can be big and scary for little babies too. Mommy knows. Big sister knows too, bc she's always trying to comfort you when you cry. Even if you don't want your pacifier she is sure to make sure you have it. 

We saw the pediatrician this month. You were 12lbs 7oz. Don't get me started on your height. You are 25inches long. That's the 67th percentile. Where are you getting your height? Defiantly not for me! I'm forever short! You just might be taller then your sister. 

You’re growing and changing, Emersyn. It’s what you’re supposed to do, but Mommy just wants to bottle your 5 month-old sweetness for now. Please don’t grow up too fast!

I am forever yours, sweet girl.

Love, Mommy

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Letters to Emersyn - 4 Months Old

Dear Emersyn! 

These months are going by way to fast and I still haven't figured out how to slow time down! You have changed so much in just the past month. Your smiling now. Your coo-ing, and oh those baby noises can melt my heart! 

Your four month check up is not till next week, but I unofficially weighed you and you were roughly 11lbs. Last month you were 10lbs. So your gaining good weight. Your newborn clothes are fitting perfect. Most 0-3 month clothes are still too big. Your still eating 5-6oz every 4-5hrs. 

You have had such a busy month traveling too. Your an expert in the car these days. The first of June we went to Ohio. That was a 14 hour drive. You girls did amazing. I was impressed bc even Charleston has not done that ride yet. But both of you got to meet everyone. Great Grandma & Great Grandpa loved seeing you! 

We actually just got back from Orlando. That was an easier ride for you both. Only 6hrs. We spent the week with Grandma and Grandpa but you got to meet Great Grandma and Great Grandpa too. Great Grandma got a hold of you and neither one of you wanted to let go! It was so sweet! You even made your first trip to Magic Kingdom. You loved the rides and seeing all the colors and things! It was so hot so we didn't spend all day at the park. No worries though bc Grandma and Grandpa work at Disney so we will get to go a lot more! Plus we're making a big trip in December with Grandma & Grandpa Pope! 

Your personality is really starting to shine through! I love this age. You love watching Charleston play around you. And Charleston is obsessed with helping me with everything for you. She loves holding the bottle and helping me burp you. The bond between you too is growing everyday and it makes my heart skip a beat! Watching you two together is my favorite thing ever. 

I can not wait to see what this next months adventures have in store for you! 

Mommy loves you sweet girl! 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Letters to Emersyn - 3 Months Old

Dear Emersyn,

You turn 3 months old today!! Two things are certain: I have no idea where those three months went and you're changing every day. I hope these letters freeze time just a little bit by giving you a snap shot of what you were like at just 90 days old. We love you more with each passing day.

Your eyes seem to be getting bluer by the day and your dark hair is growing like weeds. You don't really have a favorite toy or anything, but you have found your hands! Your constantly grabbing onto blankets, or even my shirts when your snuggled up close. You started to grab your bottle as well.

You have become more aware of your surroundings. You're getting really good at tracking Charleston as she runs around the room in circles around you. You would prefer to be cuddled in my arms, but Im determined to get you to like tummy time or swing time. Its not that you hate either, you just can't be swaddled up tight. Your moving around a lot more, so not sure how much longer you will be able to use the swaddle blankets. Which might be harder for mommy to work. If I can get you to sit in your swing or lay on the floor long enough for mommy to get some work done, that would be amazing. But none the less, I don't mind cuddling you all day. My work and house cleaning can wait!

You are a very good sleeper. You usually go down about 7:30 and sleep to about 7am. You are still sleeping in the rock n play, but working on moving you to either the pack and play or the crib. You're just not a fan of sleeping on a flat surface. You still nap a good bit during the day, but I find you awake and more alert in between.

Your getting bigger by the day. You are currently in size one diapers and moving your way into 0-3 month clothes. In an unofficial weigh-in using the bathroom scale, you clock in between 10 and 11 pounds. Your eating 6 oz. in the morning and sometimes before bed. During the day you still do 4 oz. Usually every 3-4 hours. I need you to slow down some! I have a feeling your going to be my last baby and that makes me want to keep you small even longer. Maybe one day I can talk your daddy into making you a big sister {but shh, we can work on him later}!

You don't currently have any teeth, but im about 99% sure you have one trying to come through. You drool every now and then. And when I put my finger in your mouth to massage gums you smile as if its the best thing in the world. If your anything like your sister, you are right on track as she had 2 teeth coming in at this time.

You may not have a favorite toy, but you do love baths. Especially getting your hair washed. We took you in the pool for the first time on Memorial day and you loved it. Then you passed out hard.

You do pretty decent on trips around town or even to Aunt Brandy's house. We are gearing up for the biggest road trip you or your sister has been on. Next week we head to Ohio. Which should be an interesting ride up. Your Aunt Brandy and I plus you, Charleston, Hunter, Jonathan and Randy all in one car.. while Grandma Sherri and Uncle TJ in another. With kids, Cleveland usually takes about 12-13 hours. Hunter is used to it, Jonathan has done the drive a few times, the rest of you munchkins have an adventure that awaits you. Hopefully this will get you used to traveling more, bc you girls and I head to Orlando at the end of June. You are going to be cuddled and loved by all kinds of family members. Im sure you will love it.

Im looking forward to the many adventures with you and your sister. Hopefully time slows down enough for me to remember every moment (mommy brain in full effect over here), if not we have these letters to look back on. Until our next monthly update....

Mommy loves you.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Letters to Emersyn - 2 Months Old

Dear Emersyn,

Time is flying by and I am so conflicted by emotion. Im overwhelmed with joy and excitement but at the same time my heart hurts everyday as you seem to grow another inch... further and further away from the tiny newborn we brought home from the hospital.

You've complete our family. We're now a party of four (five including Hera) and we feel whole. (Although I miss your sister Payton everyday and wish she was here. One day you will know all about her too). I can't wait to include you in the Mommy and Daughter things me and Charleston do. You have already adapted to being our shopping buddy and partner in crime.

I didn’t get around to writing to you on your actual 2 month birth day. Its been crazy with two babies around. This month you went from an itty, bitty, tiny newborn to a baby. I need time to freeze for a little while.
Our day started with a check-up at the doctors’s office where you weighed in at 9 pounds and 11 ounces and measured almost 22 inches long. You met all your milestones. Cooing….Check. Smiling…check. Turning to sounds….check. Following objects with your eyes…check. Although all these accomplishments are to be celebrated, Its never easy when the tray of shots enter the room. (and I have no issue when shots, needles or blood - your daddy on the other hand can not even be in the same room)

I've always thought that the second child would be easier, and whereas there are some things that are smoother, there is also knowledge. Knowledge of what happens when your baby is about to get a shot. The ensuing tears and screams. The long day of discomfort. I think the phrase "ignorance is bliss" applies to parenting your first child. Now that I know what is going to happen, there seems to be a stronger anxiety that grips my heart.

In your 2nd month in this big ole world, you have said goodbye to spring and hello to summer. The summer brings with it many traditions in our family ranging from trips to Orlando and frequent visits to the water park and even the beach. I can't wait to see how you react your first time at the beach, or even DISNEY!

Your sister has really warmed up to you. She now runs into the bedroom in the morning peeking her little eyes above the bed to see you. She cares where you are and wants to be near you all the time. She loves giving you kisses. Her hugs are more like headlocks, but this too shall pass. I hope that you share the same affection for one another as the years roll on. I desire for you girls to be the best of friends. Just like your Aunt Brandy and I.

I love watching your eyes move to the rhythm of the world, seeing you explore the room around you and learning who you are. It’s fun to witness all
your “firsts.” The next month will bring more excitement and more memories. I am beyond
blessed that I get to be your mommy.

I love you always,

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Letters to Emersyn - 1 Month Old

Dear Emersyn,

If there is one thing you will learn about life, it's that it's unpredictable. And I will always remember every detail about the day you were born, even though I couldn't predict a single moment of it. On the day you were born.. When I saw Dr. Fisher on Wednesday we decided to schedule another NST on Friday because your movements had slowed down. Little did I know you would be here that evening.

You have grown so much already in your first month and I am amazed every day at how much you change. During your first month of life, It's been a steady stream of changes and getting used to everything. Being a family of four, Watching your BIG sister as she's truly in love with you and wants to help mommy with everything. You are so curious. Not only do you look around in amazement, but you look around in wonderment. I wish I could know wha you are thinking, as your expressions are just priceless.

At one month old you weigh 6lbs. 4oz. Your still in newborn diapers. Most newborn clothes are still too big so we have a few preemie outfits for you. Unlike your sister, you love to be swaddled. And you will take snuggles anyway you can get them. Especially at 3am.

My favorite thing that you do is smile in your sleep. From the day you were born, you smiled in your sleep. Someone once told it means you are talking to the angels and I know this to be true because you have some of the very best guardian angels watching over you. I will tell you all about your Big sister, Payton one day. You also love to clasp your hands together and it looks like you are praying. It is the sweetest thing.

You are just like your big sister, Charleston in that you have quite the appetite and when you want to eat, you want to eat now. You have 3/4 oz roughly every 3 hours. You are starting to sleep more and more through the night, and even though I like my sleep too, I find that I stare at you when you sleep. When you finally stir and give out a little squeak, I can not wait to kiss your sweet little cheeks and watch you fall back asleep. Before bed every night we cuddle up in the bed to settle down and having you in my arms and your sister cuddled up beside me is by far my one of my favorite things.

The only thing that overwhelms me is watching just how fast you are growing already. Even though the nights were sleepless in the beginning, it seems as if your first weeks disappeared in a blink of an eye and I am begging for them back. Every day you are completely different. I am so excited to see you grow, yet wishing time would slow down so I could savor these moments longer. Maybe that is why I sometimes just sit and start at you, wishing the clock would stop for just a moment so I can remember every detail of your newborn skin.

The bond between you and your sister is already strong. The way you just stare at her when she's rocking your or holding you is precious. I'm so excited to watch you two grow up and change together. I hope you girls are just as close as your Aunt Brandy and I are.

Get ready, sweet baby.. this life of yours is going to be a wild adventure and I hope its everything you could dream of.

I'll love you always,

Monday, March 27, 2017

Pregnancy, The Third Trimester Part 3

As with every stage of pregnancy, it’s a mixed bag of emotions and feelings. I want time to hurry up and slow down all at once. Physically, I want to be done, I’m in a lot of pain most the time. Emotionally, I’m good with being pregnant awhile longer, especially since this is most likely the last time I will be. I'm not 100% sure I'm done, but Richard says no more. 

Even with all the change ahead, I’m feeling pretty at peace with it, which is saying a lot for me since I tend to prefer to know exactly how things are going to play out. I don’t know a lot of much right now, actually. We have so much to do – we’re rearranging 3 rooms in the house, Trying to transition Charleston off the pacifier & start thinking about potty training … life is changing all at once. Charleston has taught me so much about learning to go with the flow and here we already, learning that lesson again as Emersyn is making her way into our world. A lot is going to change in the next couple of months and I have to keep reminding myself that it will all work out one way or another.


The sickness I felt in the first trimester lingered a few weeks into my 2nd, so I was hopeful that I would continue to feel great a few weeks into my 3rd trimester. I was wrong. At around 26/27 weeks I started getting sharp pains in my back! Stronger then normal. I think she is sitting on my sciatic nerve and it doesn’t feel great. It’s hard to walk sometimes. When putting pressure on my right leg while walking, a sharp shooting pain will almost bring me to my knees. It’s intense! It’s worse some days than others and I’m hopeful that she will move off my nerve and this won’t continue for the rest of my pregnancy- REALLY hopeful. Ha!

Also starting to get pain in my pelvic floor. Carrying around an extra 20 lbs is doing a number on my pelvis. My legs go numb around my hips every night and she loves to keep me up at night doing gymnastics in my uterus. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for every little ache and pain. I know how blessed I am to be able to experience pregnancy, so I try to remember that when I’m laying in pain on my couch. It’s weird how much you can love someone who is causing you such discomfort. Ha!


Charleston is going to be such a great big sister. She loves giving Emersyn kisses every night! She blows raspberries. It's too funny! I think she might be a little confused when the baby is no longer in my tummy but actually here. I'm sure she will catch on quick.