Monday, October 12, 2015

Letters to Charleston - 2 months old

Dear Charleston!

In some ways it feels like we just met you yesterday, while at the same time it feels like you’ve been with us forever. How are you not a little newborn anymore? 

Mommy does a lot of traveling, especially back and forth to Columbia. So it's a good thing you like your car seat - and you have since day one. As soon as we put you in it, your fast asleep! Hopefully you stay that way during our longer trips to Florida and Ohio.

You are currently still in newborn clothes, although some of your 0-3 month clothes are starting to fit you. You started wearing size one diapers at 7 weeks old. Your 2 month doctors appointment was today and you weigh 10lbs 11oz. and your 22in long! Ugghh your getting so big!

You’re a perfect baby who loves to sleep, eats well and doesn’t complain about anything, besides a dirty diaper. Some of your favorite things are riding in the car, taking baths, swinging in your swing and giggling. My love for you grows everyday as I watch you change and become more alert. Seeing you look around at your surroundings is amazing. I cherish these moments with you. You've changed so much since we brought you home from the hospital. I can’t believe how much you have changed just this month! You went from a completely floppy newborn to a baby who can hold her head pretty still, work her arms and legs, and coo and smile. Your beautiful blue eyes are open so much longer during the day, you are learning to "talk", smile, and respond to us. I stare at you often because it's still hard for me to believe that you are a part of me, that those arms and legs developed and grew inside me. I feel a special connection to you, and it warms my heart to think that you are my daughter. I am still getting used to the idea that I have a daughter and I am a mom. It's absolutely the most surreal thing.

I can tell already your going to be a people person, because you love getting attention. Good thing for you there are plenty of people in your life who want to give you love and attention. In fact you are rarely left alone. The excitement of you being here still has not set in to most.... Your still greeted with the same excitement as if it was the first day meeting you.

Last year was hard when we lost your big sister, but welcoming you into our little family has made us feel whole again.  I can’t wait to do Mom and Daughter things with you. I already feel like you’re my shopping buddy and partner in crime.

I love to dress you in all of your adorable outfits which have been given to us by so many sweet friends and family members. Daddy tells me you have to many clothes, but gets so excited when you wear an outfit that says something about "daddy." Shh don't tell him, but I think you already have him wrapped around your fingers..

I am so thankful for you, Charli.  I love you.
Love, Mommy