Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Surviving The First Trimester

You would think since this was my third time around, I would have this mastered...
Since week 4 (we found out I was pregnant at 2 weeks) my energy levels have just been pitiful. I've been so freaking tired that most days I had to physically force my legs to take steps. I was constantly fighting the urge to take naps and tried my best to take one during Charleston's afternoon naps. Some days it was during both naps. I usually collapsed into bed about 7pm, right after Charleston went down.
I have really felt like the worst mom ever these last few weeks. Charleston's has become so active and it takes more energy then I have to keep her entertained. I have found that I can be pretty creative while laying on the couch. I just hope I haven't ruined her life by letting her watch numerous Disney's movies while mommy grows a baby.
On top of the none existent energy levels, I've been nauseated enough for 10 pregnant women. I had basically no nausea with Payton or Charleston. And then with this one it just hit me like a bus. I could handle the "morning" sickness, but this has been an all day every day thing. Mixed with dizziness and headaches that don't help. There has been plenty of moments I have had to talk my self out of blowing chunks everywhere. I've only hurled a few times, the worse in Walmart parking lot.. with Richard yelling at me to not get any on him while I was trying to put Charleston in the cart before I got any on her.
Even with all of that chaos I don't think those are the worse symptoms of the first trimester.... poor Richard! One minute I could be on top of the world, happy as ever. And the next minute I could be holding back tears yelling at him for who knows what. Emotional highs and lows, plus an absurdly short fuse.. they never go well together. Luckily they still love me and know mommy is just going through the crazies and hope the worst has past.. as do I.

My bump showed up just as fast as the other two pregnancies, but not growing as fast. I have been reassured the baby is just fine, and is actually measuring a week bigger then what I am. We tried to find out the sex at week 12 like we did with the other two, but baby was not sitting in the right position. So for now, its still baby C and we should find out at the end of October.

It still amazes me how much is developed in the first trimester. Baby C is now fully formed. Baby C has arms, hands, fingers, feet, and toes. The brain, spinal cord and other tissue of the central nervous system is formed. All that and Baby is still only the size of a peapod.

Baby C has grown so much...
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