Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a good Weekend.

I havent posted in a while, so I thought I would blog about my previous weekend. Friday I went to Clover to spend the afternoon with Brandy and Andy. I ended up staying the night. We cooked out, had some friends over and played rock band. It was really fun. Their house is soooo cute, and Brandy has done a really good job decorating.

Saturday night was Josh's Birthday so a bunch of us cooked out and just hung around. We had a blast. Lil savy played with us. We played apple to apples, and had a few drinks. It was really a blast. Its always good to have great friends in your life.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Two weeks with Little Savannah Banana!!

For Two weeks I got to spend my time with Savannah Banana and for two weeks I have not thought about anything stressful. She has turned my world right side up again. She giggles about everything...she can make you smile just by looking at her, and she gives the most perfect hugs. My favorite part of the day was seeing her in the morning and she would jump up and down saying "niggieo is here" lol. Yes niggieo is the nick name she has given me. We dont know where she got it or why she says it...but its soo cute.

For two weeks we spent our days playing and running around. Her favorite toy "Baby" which is a little bear did everything with us. We watched tv, played with blocks, learned how to play hop scotch, played in her inflatable bus and bouncy house.

Her favorite thing to do was to go BYE BYE. She loved to go places. So we went to walmart, hobby lobby, michaels, and petsmart. She said Hi to everyone who past us..and anytime we bought something she would say thank you to the employees. It was so cute...

Defiantly...time well spent!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Andy Jackson!!

Well for most of you who know Brandy and Andy, they finally got Married this past Saturday. It was great Wedding. Very Pretty. The day was actually very calm, nothing to stress about. The only thing that Brandy really worried about was the fact that Andy left the Marriage license in Clover. Not to worry because his cousin brought it with him in time for the wedding. Even though it was the most important thing of the day. LOL. Brandy and Andy our off too there Honey moon in Charleston SC. Below I have posted a few pictures.....

Getting Ready

The Cake

The Flowers

The Toast

The Dance

The Garter Toss

With the BRIDE & GROOM


Me and The Beautiful BRIDE

Last on the dance floor...

Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 - Heres to a New Year!!

So 2008 is out the door. I'm glad because it was not a good year for me, or most people. Hoping 2009 will be a better one, or even for the economy. Last June I was in a good position and had a great opportunity to open my own studio, but had to close it in December because the economy had gotten so bad. I was making enough money to pay rent but I just couldnt justify it for anything else. I was sad to close it, but that doesnt mean I cant open it back up later. So in the mean time Im back to doing everything on location again. Which is ok with me...I prefer that anyways..

New Years Eve was great. I got to spend it with some of my favorite people. Kristin came down. She's here till Sunday. We went out with Nate, Brian, Ted and some of there friends. We ran into Matt Fry and his new girlfriend, so We all had a blast. We started out at Group Therapy...but then finished it off at Red Hots dancing away. It was a great way to start they New Year