Friday, January 9, 2009

Two weeks with Little Savannah Banana!!

For Two weeks I got to spend my time with Savannah Banana and for two weeks I have not thought about anything stressful. She has turned my world right side up again. She giggles about everything...she can make you smile just by looking at her, and she gives the most perfect hugs. My favorite part of the day was seeing her in the morning and she would jump up and down saying "niggieo is here" lol. Yes niggieo is the nick name she has given me. We dont know where she got it or why she says it...but its soo cute.

For two weeks we spent our days playing and running around. Her favorite toy "Baby" which is a little bear did everything with us. We watched tv, played with blocks, learned how to play hop scotch, played in her inflatable bus and bouncy house.

Her favorite thing to do was to go BYE BYE. She loved to go places. So we went to walmart, hobby lobby, michaels, and petsmart. She said Hi to everyone who past us..and anytime we bought something she would say thank you to the employees. It was so cute...

Defiantly...time well spent!

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King JB, Queen Mel and Princess Savy said...

awe, what a wonderful post! Thank you so much for watching her for us-we are truly grateful to have such a wonderful friend!! love ya!