Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 - Heres to a New Year!!

So 2008 is out the door. I'm glad because it was not a good year for me, or most people. Hoping 2009 will be a better one, or even for the economy. Last June I was in a good position and had a great opportunity to open my own studio, but had to close it in December because the economy had gotten so bad. I was making enough money to pay rent but I just couldnt justify it for anything else. I was sad to close it, but that doesnt mean I cant open it back up later. So in the mean time Im back to doing everything on location again. Which is ok with me...I prefer that anyways..

New Years Eve was great. I got to spend it with some of my favorite people. Kristin came down. She's here till Sunday. We went out with Nate, Brian, Ted and some of there friends. We ran into Matt Fry and his new girlfriend, so We all had a blast. We started out at Group Therapy...but then finished it off at Red Hots dancing away. It was a great way to start they New Year

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Welcome to the Chappell's! said...

2009 will be a fantastic year for us all, I know it!! Welcome to the blogging world, it's the latest addiction! :o)