Monday, January 14, 2013


OMG!!! How do I start this!! So yesterday at the Bridal Show, Richard decided to go with us because he had the day off! I thought It was kinda of weird, but I got to spend time with him since I would be busy all day!

He managed the money booth as the rest of us worked the crowd! It was a busy day and we had a lot of fun!! At the end of the day I usually walk around the booths and scope things out and see what kind of cake is always left over! lol you know me and cake or even CUPCAKES!!

well everywhere we go, me and Richard always have to take pictures in photobooths so we decided to get in one at the show. Im shuffling through all the props trying to find one that didn't say "bride" or "groom" and came across one that said "happily ever after." I said perfect! So we get in the photo booth and im watching the screen so I know when to pay attention lol, Richard - im not sure what hes doing.. he was in his own little world! Well as it the count down starts - Richard says can you do me a favor? I looked at him and said what? As the camera goes off - my mouth is open because hes holding a ring and says MARRY ME!! My reaction was what? wait? are you serious? is this real? lol! Totally caught me off guard!