Thursday, March 10, 2016

Letters to Charleston - 7 Months Old

Dear Charleston,

You are 7 months old. The number blows my mind. I remember reading other people's blog and thinking how big their babies were at 7 months. And here you are, exactly 7 months old, and yet you're still so little and at the same time so grown. You've gone such a long way. I could never imagine myself as a mom to a 7 month old and yet in a blink of an eye, you are 7 {freaking} MONTHS OLD!

I am most likely repeating myself saying this month has been the most amazing one so far. When I day-dreamed about you, when you were in my belly, I couldn't imagine that we would  have times like this where every single day is unbearably precious and unfathomably fun. Writing these letters to you become more important with each passing month.

Your day ALWAYS starts the same. About 6 or 7 am. We hear you rolling around and giggling in your crib, patently waiting for one of us to come get you. When you realize daddy or I standing at your crib.. Its instantly a slew of babbles and laughs followed by the biggest smile, making it evident for anyone else in the house that the PRINCESS is awake.

So what's new this month? Well, you are 16 lbs. and about 26 inches tall. You are wearing 3-6 month clothes and a size 2 in diapers. But not for much longer, I think its almost time to move up to a size 3. You have truly become a water baby. You love bath time and playing in the water, always trying to grab it as it comes out the faucet. You still only have 2 teeth, but I believe you have another one trying to push through. You are such a fighter when it comes to falling asleep. I swear your afraid your going to miss something. But when you finally give up, you are out like a light. Still sleeping at least 9 hours a night. Which is great, now only if I could.

Your favorite foods are pumpkin, apples and pumpkin and you just started liking squash. Two weekends ago we gave you one of those puffs that dissolves in your mouth, I was a little nervous. I knew it dissolved right away, but was not sure how fast and if you would choke. I think I was more worried about if you knew how to chew it or swallow it....but you loved them. I know sure if it was more of a "solid" food then what your used to or what. It amazes me that even at a young age you still know what to do. You are so interested in regular food. No matter where you are, you try so hard to reach it and grab it. Soon baby girl.. soon!

You are using your fingers and hands like a pro. You grab on to anything and everything, from toys to things on the shelf at stores. Your always grabbing on to clothes that get close enough for you to reach.You love when were out shopping and prefer me to carry you as I push the cart, so you can grab on too and help! Your going to be the perfect little shopper with me and Grandma Terri.

You babble and coo all day long. Im pretty sure you will be a big talker here soon. I think you have said "hey" several times, but that is still up for debate. Regardless, I can pretty much make out the meaning of your noises. I love your smile and giggles. It just brightens up the room. You are such a ray of sunshine when your great granddaddy Jack sees you. He loves to play with you and is always looking forward to your little giggles.

You are not crawling yet, as you haven't quite figured out how to lift that belly up. But you are EVERYWHERE! You scoot and wiggle around on your back to move from place to place. I can put you on your back and turn away for 2 seconds and you will be on your stomach turned the other way. You are def going to give me a run for my money! Your daddy and I will be chasing you all over this house.

You are such a mommy's girl too. Your daddy likes to beg a differ but there is no denying it. He's determined to make you a Clemson girl, but he does not realize that the girls in this family are Carolina fans all the way. Im so looking forward to taking you on your first tailgating trip in the fall. You will love it!

You are growing so fast! I need you to slow down! Sweet girl you are such blessing and your daddy and I love you to pieces!