Sunday, October 30, 2016

Baby Carbonaro #3 is a.....

We normally do a gender reveal get together when we find out.. but this year we are getting into the holiday season, so we opted out on it. We have known for a few days, but could not come up with a cute way to announce it. I mean you know I cant just say hey were having a ..... I have to do something cute and creative! 

Well we had an extra pumpkin at my mother n laws and we wanted to carve it with Charleston anyways - so I took advantage of it and used it to announce our gender! 

Now if you think I had a hard time trying to decide how to do the gender reveal you should of seen us trying to pick a name! Of course every name I liked, Richard did not. He likes the generic boring names (sorry not sorry), but I like something unique and personality. I mean my name is Bjana. lol. Finally we narrowed down a name..