Monday, December 27, 2010

New Stranger in my life....

So I have this person in my life who Ive become very close with. We have known each other about year - but never really hung out. Saw each other on Paintball events, but that was it. Things have been kinda rough in my life lately and its nice to know he cares and would come by just to listen. He has emotionally helped me through a lot. We became extremely close, very fast. We have a lot in common, were both Cancers - his birthday is 7 days after mine. So if you know anything about Cancers we are very emotional people, but we also care a great deal about the ones we are close with. Ive notice we think a like. We constantly finishing each others thoughts and sentences - its funny. We can sit on the floor in my my hallway and just talk for hours and sometimes about nothing.......

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow"

Sometimes we spend so much time thinking about the good old days, reliving our most cherished moments of the past days, that we fail to see the beauty of TODAY. And sometimes we get so caught up with all the tasks and commitments we need to take care of tomorrow, next week or next month that we miss the breath - taking magic that this day presents. There is absolutely nothing wrong in walking down memory lane every now and then. And its perfectly fine to occasionally gaze out and think about the potential the future has in store for all of us. But too much time spent looking ahead or behind takes away of whats important now - TODAY!

Everyone does it, Ive done it. I think the most important thing in life is living one day at a time. "What does today have in store for me?" "for us?" Ive spent too many days thinking about the past, weather its about Family, Friends or Relationships, that sometimes I forget about today. What we do "today" is what brings tomorrow.....

I no longer hold anything against people in the past. I know we have all had our fair share of fights and disagreements, but Im not the type to hold a grudge. All though I do remember things. But its a new Chapter in my life and I want to start this one clean.

Im focusing on ME!! What do I want? What do I want my future to hold? I look at all my friends and I see them all married, most with kids. Im 27, not married, no kids. Sometimes I look at my self in the mirror and I think - "What have I done with my life?" What do I have to show for the 27 years Ive been here?" But its time to let all that go, and think about What Im doing today!

Today - Im 27. I have a good job, yes its stressful to the MAX at times. But what job isnt?
           - Im single, but ive had my fair share of long relationship and ive learned what I want
           - No kids, but I have a nephew that I adore more then anything! He's my world!
           - I have 2 wonderful parents, who love me more then anything
           - I have a AWESOME sister, who is my Best Friend
           - Friends - I have some of the BEST!!

I can honestly look in the mirror and say im LOVED!! I have great friends, a wonderful family! Good Job, and yes for once I have money in the bank! :)

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending"

I dont worry about what I dont have, I have way more then what I will ever need to accomplish anything and everything I have ever dreamed about. The key is to take what you've got and get going right now, dont spend another minute focusing on what you think you can not do. I, We, YOU can do more then you have ever imagined doing - If you'll just give yourself the chance. Whatever you hope to achieve in your lifetime, wherever you want to take your life is in good hands, yours! Its in our reach, we just have to seize the day!

The year 2010 is almost over! Where did it go? Dont worry - 2011 is right around the corner, and guess what? Im ready to dive right in to what every adventures come my way!! are you?

Friday, July 9, 2010

{ 27th } BiRtHdAy Weekend ----> Part 1

{ Bjana } + A group of [ AMAZING ] people + Lake House =  The ---> BEST <--- Weekend EVER!!!! 

{ Dinner & 5pts }

---> B & D <---
---> Sisters from another Mother <---
---> Jana + Jason <---
---> My Mexican <---
---> BIRFDAY Girls with Kim & Shannon <---
---> My Girl Shelisa <---
---> P A R T Y  <---
---> KOOLEST Guys E V E R   <---

{ 27th } BiRtHdAy Weekend ----> Part 2

{ Bjana } + A group of [ AMAZING ] people + Lake House =  The ---> BEST <--- Weekend EVER!!!! 

{ Lake House }
---> Longest FRIEND Ever - Christina  <---
---> Nea, Me, & Lindsay  <---
---> Squish....   <---
---> Fred & Daysha <---
---> Hanging On...  <---
---> Floating Away <---

{ 27th } BiRtHdAy Weekend ----> Part 3

{ Bjana } + A group of [ AMAZING ] people + Lake House =  The ---> BEST <--- Weekend EVER!!!! 

{ Birthday Night Dinner }

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

9 Days Down.. 361 More Days to go!

So I knew 2 months into our relationship that Steven was leaving for Abi Dhabi for a year. We met May 14th, 2009 and started dating July 31st, 2009! He found out he was PCSing September I believe. I didnt really know what to expect bc ive never had to go through this part. Ive dated a few military guys in my life and I have military guys in my family, but Ive never dealt first hand with it. Steven left June 1st, 2010 - which means means he will be gone longer then we have been together. 

Which brings me to my next thing....People were then asking why stay together? Well to be honest.....

All though me and Steven havent been dating that long, we have really enjoyed each others company. We have a lot in common and we have learned a lot for each other. We make each other laugh, we have fun together, we have the same hobbies (give or take a few) , and we have a lot of the same goals in life.

Why give up with out even trying. Doesn't every one deserve a chance in life and love?

Steven and I have more fun then most couples I know. Sure there's a few people in my past they never really gave him a chance, but thats when you learn who your true friends are. At first it took me a while to get over it, bc yeah they were some of my closest friends. But when I realized they were the ones they didnt like him, bc everyone else in my life; friends and family adore him. If you cant love all of me, including Steven, then you cant have any of me....

9 days since he's been gone! 

I didnt really know what to expect when he left. I had a lot of time to work my way into it. The last few days up in till he left was a little hard for me. I want to spend as much time with him, but it seemed like everything small and big was aggravating me. I hated stupid things bothering me. I tried to keep my distance with out actually keeping my distance. I didnt want him to see how much it was killing me knowing he was gonna be gone for a year. May 31st, the day before he left - not only was it a holiday and he had it off, I actually had to work. We enjoyed the little bit of time we had that night by going to dinner. Of course we ate sushi, and way to much at that. But the time we spent together is what I enjoyed the most. The next morning we had to get up early bc Steven had to be at the airport at noon. I hated so much bc we could really do anything that morning, no taking our time. It was all rushing. When I dropped him off at the airport it was sweet and simple. No good byes. Just Hugs and kisses and see you soon! I kept my sunglasses on - so he couldnt actually see the tears starting. I got in the car and left, I couldnt sit there and watch him walk away......

Its been quiet and lonely, thats for sure! Just me and the Dog. He's not really sure whats going on - but he's been a lil down, but im guessing thats just off of my feelings. I work Mon - Friday 8 to 5. So when I get off work, Ive been keeping my self busy by cleaning the house. The first few days...I didnt really want to leave the house or go any where. Things are not the same with out Steven, there not as much fun. I have good friends here that will keep me busy and not worry about him. I dont really get to talk to him that much. He's 8 hours ahead of me. So when Im sleeping hes at work and When hes sleeping Im at work. It kinda sucks!

Im a strong person! I can get through this. I just wont show you when its effecting me...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dinner w/ the Parents.....

[Me & Mom]

{Me & My Steven}

- Aunt Bjana and Steven LOVES Hunter -

{Smile Hunter}

A Dinner at Red Lobster to enjoy some family time before Steven deploys on Tuesday! 

Monday, May 24, 2010

How BIG is a Valken bag?

My New BIG Bag - Its as big as me...

I can get inside of it....

Haha...I can zip it up toooo

Now Steven can take me with him :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010


--->Tier One Training Class<---

{My Partners in Crime}

{B R I T N E Y}

{Crazy Girls}

Saturday, March 20, 2010