Monday, February 10, 2014

Pregnancy Announcement

When it came time to tell my parents we knew we had to do it in a fun way! Keeping the secret for 8 weeks from her has been an adventure in itself!

My sister Brandy called me a few days before we were making the trip to my moms to announce it, that she had called her asking if she knew why we were coming. (I told my mom we were coming up to have lunch with Brandy and Chris and wanted to see if she would like to join us, bc she got mad the last time we didnt invite her!) Brandy told her no, nothing other then lunch! Mom said she thought we were telling her we were pregos, so we had to come up with a better way to surprise her!

At dinner mom mentioned it again, and I told her that we were not pregos in anyway! She was a little upset.. Well after dinner this happened :)


Guess What....


Most of you who know me, know Ive been back and forth for years about getting pregnant! As much as I love kids and have always wanted them, being 30 and getting pregnant was never on my list to do. I've always wanted 2 kids before 25, although 25 came and gone and I was kinda glad I didn't have kids yet! Ive defiantly enjoyed my 20s! I guess in the long run being 30 and having kids is not as bad as I think it is! The question is do I want more?

I know being pregnant would probably be a struggle for me because of my L5 & foot injuries, but here's to having a good pregnancy! :)


This kinda took me by surprise but then again it didn't because I was late! haha only by a few hour or so. (Im usually pretty aware of my monthly cycle!) But I knew something was off! So Richard had already left to work, and I peed on a stick! It was taken for ever, so of course I left it on the bathroom shelf and totally forgot about it to the next time I had to pee! Which of course wasn't that long of a wait! About an later I walked in and was like.. o hey look I forgot! And BAM!! There it was... I was pregnant!! I was caught of guard for sure... I jumped in my car and headed to Richards work.. then on the way their I got distracted and went to Burkes Outlet. At that point I decided to wait and tell Richard when he got home in a cute way! But keeping this a secret was gonna be the hard part! It was only 11am and he didn't get off work till 9ish.

Of course I couldn't keep the secret and I told my sister and 2 best friends!! 

Walking around Burkes outlet and trying to decided how I was gonna tell Richard wasn't the easiest thing! Even though it had been about 3 weeks after Christmas, we still had presents coming in late for each other so I decided to wrap this up and tell him he had a present come in late.. which actually worked! LOL. 

Richard was happy, stunned and excited all at one time!! 

Now telling parents / family / and close friends before we announced it to the world!