Monday, February 10, 2014

Guess What....


Most of you who know me, know Ive been back and forth for years about getting pregnant! As much as I love kids and have always wanted them, being 30 and getting pregnant was never on my list to do. I've always wanted 2 kids before 25, although 25 came and gone and I was kinda glad I didn't have kids yet! Ive defiantly enjoyed my 20s! I guess in the long run being 30 and having kids is not as bad as I think it is! The question is do I want more?

I know being pregnant would probably be a struggle for me because of my L5 & foot injuries, but here's to having a good pregnancy! :)


This kinda took me by surprise but then again it didn't because I was late! haha only by a few hour or so. (Im usually pretty aware of my monthly cycle!) But I knew something was off! So Richard had already left to work, and I peed on a stick! It was taken for ever, so of course I left it on the bathroom shelf and totally forgot about it to the next time I had to pee! Which of course wasn't that long of a wait! About an later I walked in and was like.. o hey look I forgot! And BAM!! There it was... I was pregnant!! I was caught of guard for sure... I jumped in my car and headed to Richards work.. then on the way their I got distracted and went to Burkes Outlet. At that point I decided to wait and tell Richard when he got home in a cute way! But keeping this a secret was gonna be the hard part! It was only 11am and he didn't get off work till 9ish.

Of course I couldn't keep the secret and I told my sister and 2 best friends!! 

Walking around Burkes outlet and trying to decided how I was gonna tell Richard wasn't the easiest thing! Even though it had been about 3 weeks after Christmas, we still had presents coming in late for each other so I decided to wrap this up and tell him he had a present come in late.. which actually worked! LOL. 

Richard was happy, stunned and excited all at one time!! 

Now telling parents / family / and close friends before we announced it to the world!

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