Thursday, December 10, 2015

Letters to Charleston - 4 Months Old

Dear Charleston,

Though you're only four months old, I'm amazed by the personality you're already showing; we're learning more about who you are every day.

From the moment my labor begin, I knew you were someone very special. You were the ultimate partner and champion in your epidural-free birth. From the moment you were born, you seemed much older than a newborn. You have made life so easy for me. Instead of the restless, frantic life stage that I expected to be in with a newborn, I have spent the past four months in total bliss. I have felt nothing other than rested, calm, and totally in love.

Each morning, you wake me up with your little baby noises and greet me with a happy little dance. Even though at times it's earlier than I'd like, once you smile at me, I can't help but smile, too.

While you could care less about rolling over, you have hit the belly laugh milestone. There's not a sweeter sound in our lives right now. When we get you in a laughing fit, everything in the house stops and everyone comes over to see you. You never fail to put on a good show. I often wonder if I have a future performer on my hands. You already have the ability to light up the room and make people smile. You LOVE attention. (Just like mommy) ;)

The love your older cousins have for you is just amazing to me! Little Jonathan who is only a year and a half has so much love for you it melts my heart. When he see's you he lights up and just wants to play with you. I love watching him interact with you. I can already see it, you two will be the best of friends. Both boys are such a big help when we come to visit, and they love holding you!

For weeks now you have loved to stand up. You've loved working at this and getting better at it. Today you can stand up for a long time. Your leg muscles have gotten so strong. Your daddy even had you stand up and balance by your self, and you balanced pretty well for a good 30sec. We were amazed. When your legs get tired and  you go down, you always want to get right back up. I want you to remember this at every stage in your life: always get back up. Falling is part of life; falling is how we learn; falling means that we're stretching ourselves, pushing ourselves, growing and striving to be better. Falling is living life - getting back up is living life to its fullest.

You love watching TV, at first I think it was just for the colors. But we can across this show called Kate & Mim Mim and every time we put it on you get the biggest smile you can make. You could watch that show for hours. Thank goodness for Netflix, we can put it on anytime.

You know, you may be little, but you've already had a profound effect on my life. When I wake up now, the first thing I do is look at you. Some days your already wide awake; others I see your closed eyes and your little lips pouting as your body moves with the rhythm of your breathing, and I can't help but smile, and reminded that all is well.

I grow more in love with you every day. Just when I think there's no way I could love you any more, somehow, there's even more room in my heart and more love to give. I can't even remember what life was like without you. In just a few weeks we will be celebrating your first Christmas and we are so blessed beyond words to have you in our family.

We love you,
Mommy, Daddy & your puppy Hera!