Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve

So there was one more gift I needed to get Steven, but hadnt had a chance to get to Columbia. So on Christmas Eve, We made a trip to Columbia so I could go to Hobby Lobby but had Steven go to another store bc I couldnt let him seeing me buy it. lol. Although I had a really good idea he would figure this out, bc One what else is in Hobby Lobby he's gonna like, and Two theres no other way to wrap this thing with out him knowing...He thinks way to much. lol.

So before we left his house I folded up his jersey and put it in my purse so I could make sure I find the right size frame. At first I found a brown one, and I was like Nooo...I need black! I almost gave up then I found the black. I was soooo Excited!! I got the frame, put it in it, went and got wrapping paper and a big bow. I had to make sure I wrapped it before I left. The girls at the store were giggling at me. But hey what else could I do.

He didnt really say much about it on the way home, except - "Its a Frame" and I was like...NOPE!! lol

When we got home, I had to keep him out of the office, bc I knew if he went into his closet he would figure it out in a heart beat. Well my mom called me and had me distracted and sure enough Steven went into his closet and figured it out. I was soo mad. lol. not really. But since he figured it out, I went ahead and let him open it, and of course he was soo EXCITED!! I dont think Ive seen him smile that big! It was soo Adorable.

Since he opened one and told me to open one too! YAY!! I was so excited to see a new camera, mine has been lagging and messing up soooo bad!!

It was a Wonderful CHRISTMAS EVE!!

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