Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day with the Family!!

So after we spent the morning opening up presents and cuddling in the bed, we went to my parents house to open more presents and spend time with the family!

Christmas was a special time for us this year, bc one it was mine and Steven's first Christmas but it was also my nephew's First Christmas!! Hunter is the perfect age too! At 9 months, he can open his own presents, and can react to things. He's a bundle of joy.

Hunter has this fascination with Steven, its so cute! Every time he see's Steven, he just stares at him or crawls over to him. Its so funny bc Steven is like, idk what to do. lol.

Christmas at the parents was fun. We even celebrated Moms Bday!

Usually every few years, me and Brandy will put a book together for mom to keep on her coffee table.
She loves them dearly!! 


Here are a few pictures from opening presents.....


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