Wednesday, December 30, 2009

CHRISTMAS Morning!!!

364 waiting days a year...just to celebrate CHRISTMAS DAY!

For most people, Everyone knows Christmas is my FAVORITE Holiday, well that and my Birthday!! lol. To me Christmas is a day to spend with friends and family you love the most. Its my favorite time of the year, bc it gives me a reason to go SHOPPING. I LOVE LOVE shopping for everyone else. I always find sooo much stuff to buy. Im so broke this time a year. lol. But I dont mind it bc the smiles on peoples faces make it all worth while.

All though this year, I was not able to spend as much as I really wanted to. This has been a slow year for me and the economy. I didnt want all that to ruin my holiday season tho. Christmas morning was amazing waking up next to my snuggle bunny!! He's just so cute, and I love making him smile.

We opened our presents and enjoyed our time together. While we opened the awesome gifts from each other, Diesel decided to steal the boxes and tear them down, so he didnt have to play box head later. lol.


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