Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well this year, Thanksgiving was slightly smaller then usual. Brandy and Hunter Spent the week in Pittsburgh with her dad and grandparents. Which meant, Chris got to hunt all day. Mary and Colin our still on the ship. And Steven spent two weeks in Michigan with his family. So this year, it was just me, mom, Walt, and his mother.

We had a FABULOUS dinner. Turkey of course with Stuffing. Cranberry Sauce, Green-bean Casserole, Yams with Marshmallows, and every year Walts mother brings a dish and this year she brought an apple salad that was really good.

And dessert, who can forget about that! Mom was doing an apple pie so she Walt told her no need for PUMPKIN PIE I told him he was dealing with a yankee who loved her pumpkin pie and looked forward to it all year long. So me and mom ventured out to wally world early. Of course we couldn't find pumpkin pie mix anywhere. I was devastated. We found a Mrs. Smith's frozen Pumpkin Pie. I was not looking forward to it, bc it wouldnt be the same. It was ok, it did its purpose, but It was made my day worth it. 

I am so THANKFUL for so much this year. I have a wonderful family, I couldnt ask for a better sister, mom or step father - who I truly look at as my father. He has done so much for my mom and he loves her dearly. I am so happy they found each other. 
My mom who is my world in every one. Theres rarely a day that goes by that I dont talk to her. She is my rock, she's who I go to when I need something. I can talk to her about anything, and she always has wonderful advice. I dont know where I would be if my mother was not a part of my world. I love her so much. 
My sister - She's my best friend. I absolutely hate that she live so far away from me. Im truly blessed to have a wonderful sister like her. And that little boy of hers, Hunter - He's just a blessing to us all. 
And Steven, what can I say. Im so glad he stepped into my life. He stays positive about everything (for the most part, lol)! He keeps the stress level down so easily. I adore him in everyone. 
My friends, I love them all. I know most of them live far away, but when I absolutely need them I know I can count on them. 

I just wanted to say Im Thankful for so much this year. 

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