Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon

So Me and Candace went to see New Moon last night! The theater was ridiculously packed. It was my first time seeing a movie at midnight so I wasnt sure what to expect. Seeing as New Moon is more popular then Twilight, bc everyone knows what it is now. But I have never seen some many girls in one place. Lol. But the movie was amazing, BETTER then I expected. The new producer stuck to the movie and really got in the key points from the book.

From Reading all the book and seeing Twilight I have defiantly been a firm fan of Edward. But just watch Jacob in this movie and seeing those abs :) I have become a fan of Jacob. It should be a sin to have abs like that at the age of 17. My goodness!! On paper Edward is awesome, In looks - Jacob, cuz all you can say is Whoa!!

Im so glad we only have to wait 6 months for the next movie. The release date is June 30th. Me and Candace have already started the countdown....

New Moon was #1 movie across the world the first weekend!!

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