Thursday, September 10, 2015

Letters to Charleston - 1 month old

Dear Charleston, 

Today you are ONE month old! I can’t believe it - it has been the fastest month of my life. You came into this world and changed it for the better. 
Your sweet nature is a joy to be around and since day one, you have been a relaxed, happy-go-lucky baby. You only cry if you’re starving or you need your diaper changed. Except for 
a slight case of jaundice your first week, you have been perfectly healthy! 

For the first 3 weeks of your life, you slept a lot and woke up only to eat and then went right back to a peaceful slumber. In the past week you’ve spent much more time with your eyes open, taking in your new world. Nothing phases you: from your dog Hera giving you slobbery kisses to me running the sweeper. 
When you were born, We were surprised by the amount of thick, dark hair you had. The ultrasound tech told us at every visit you had hair, but we never imagined this much. Your sister Payton had hair, but no where close to the amount you have. 
Your first cries were music to your Dad’s & my ears. You def have a set of lungs on you. When they placed you in my arms it was love at first sight. I never wanted to put you down, but I had to share you with the rest of the family who was eager to meet you! You have stolen the hearts of many and you have two cousins who are already wrapped around your fingers. From day one they have taken you under their wing, smothering you in kisses and always checking in on you. It warms my heart to know you 3 will have each other for the rest of your lives.
Thank you for being a dream baby. Your first month has been wonderful. I can’t wait for us to do so many fun mother/daughter things in the future, but I wish I could push the slow down button on life right now. You are growing up too fast…
I’ll love you always,

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