Sunday, August 9, 2015

Second Pregnancy - Third Trimester Reflections

As we get down to the "business" end of this pregnancy,
I figured I would take a step back and reflect
on the third trimester.
(p.s. this was written over a few weeks time)


We knew from day 1 we would be inducing this pregnancy for health reasons. Dr. Fisher wanted to schedule the induction before we got to the 37 weeks and 6 day mark, which Richard and I agreed with 100%.  So that put us in the week of August 8th-15th. July has been a waiting game to get the hospital schedule of when we could narrow a date down, and on July 14th - we got that date! August 10th at 7 am. Now that we have a count down clock to watch, things have gotten more real, including my emotions.

We.. OK.. maybe me.. wanted kids back to back. I mean im not getting any younger. So even with everything that happened with Payton, we still wanted to jump on the bandwagon again. After our 6 week appointment we started trying again. It took me about 2 cycles - which felt like a life time. But when I finally saw those two lines, I felt immense relief. But that was soon replaced with the realization that I would spend the next nine months holding my breath. One of the greatest comforts to me over the last months was learning how many other women felt the same fear that I do and yet survived subsequent pregnancies. 

As the date gets closer to August 10th, it also means Paytons first birthday is approaching. My emotions are all over the place.We are about to bring our second daughter into the world and I don't know how to be excited. Friends and family keep asking me, are you excited, are you ready... I am, don't get me wrong I'm ecstatic, but I can't help feeling devastated and sad at the same time. I still remember looking at the glowing screen trying to make sense of the sonogram... there was no movement or heartbeat. I couldn't cry... I just sat in silence. As much I try not to think back on that day, its hard not too.


In some ways, this pregnancy has flown by. In other ways - I feel as if we have been on this pregnancy roller coaster for way too long. If I'm to be honest, this pregnancy was not as easy as the first one. Physically, it was harder, which meant mentally it felt worse. My first trimester was the long waiting in between doctors appointments, then patiently waiting to hear her heart beat.  The second trimester was getting through the dizzy/nauseated spells. But this third trimester the stress has built up and made it self known through more complications and less sleep.

At 27 weeks and 6 days we went into the doctors office because her movements had slowed down tremendously. Normally I don't feel her in the mornings till about 10-11ish because she's so active through the night, but she was not the night before. When we got in the doctors office they put me on the NST monitors.

(The Fetal Non-Stress test is a simple, non-invasive test performed in pregnancies over 28 weeks gestation. The test is names "non-stress" because no stress is placed on the fetus during the test. The non-stress test is a simple, noninvasive way of checking on your baby's health. The test records your baby's movement, heartbeat, and contractions. It notes changes in heart rhythm when your baby goes from resting to moving, or during contractions if you're in labor.)

I sat on the monitors for about 30 minuets while they checked over all the recordings. She stayed pretty active during the test and everything was reading on track. Which was a relief!

With in 4 days we were in the hospital because I was having a sharp pain on my left side. Dr. Dillon - the high risk doctor was on call so she helped us out and took good care of me. We got checked into the hospital about 6:30 pm and she put us on the NST monitors. She stated the sharp pain is very common in pregnancies and gets worse with each one. Its called a round ligament pain. Not something thats very comfortable I might add. But she knew everything that happened with Payton and wanted to keep me on the monitors for a little while. During this time she discovered I was having contractions. I was like really? I just thought it was pressure and the difference in the way I was carrying her compared to Payton. Or maybe braxton hicks. But that wasn't the case. With in an hour she decided we were gonna stay over night - because the contractions were not stopping and were pretty steady. She ran a bunch of test and even gave me some medicine to relax me to see if that would stop the contractions. About 2am she could not determine what was causing the contractions, but was able to determine I was not in preterm labor. Since there was nothing else she could do, she sent us home about 3am and told me to take things easy and look out for labor symptoms.

At 30 weeks we spent a week in Florida - we took my 1 year old and my 6 year old nephews to Disney World! Everyone had fun which was great, but the heat was ridiculous. I know Richard got his exercise for the week... he pushed me in a wheel chair through out the parks. I got up and walked around some, but it made the contractions more frequent. I made it back to Charleston - with no signs of early labor! woohoo!! lol.

Contractions never stopped. Around 33 weeks they got longer and more intense. At times, I was not sure she's was going stay put till we induced. She is def a wiggler and a shaker. I got more nauseated as well. Sometimes it was hard to determine which was making the other one worse - being nauseated or the contractions.

I don't believe I was blessed with the pregnancy glow this time around.. its more like a "I'm so tired and hungry" shimmer....

Similar to my last pregnancy - things in the "bump" department seem to have slowed down in the third trimester. Charleston is still growing beautifully, however we are predicting her to be similar size to Payton. She is a little bigger, but not by much. My weight gain was more this pregnancy, but shes had a bigger appetite then Payton did. Payton liked fruit, veggies and sugar! Charleston likes her hamburgers and sugar. I am sad she does not like seafood. Its the one thing I craved with Payton, and it still seems to be the one thing I crave with Charleston, I just cant handle the taste! 

As my third trimester is ending - contractions have gotten stronger. Some days they are close enough to track them, but not enough to rush to the hospital. My driving days ended about 34 weeks - I couldn't count on not having an intense contractions, so I decided I probably shouldn't be driving....


At 33 weeks and 6 days we did our Maternity photos with the Fabulous Kaity! Since we did maternity photos at the beach for Payton - we want to do a park or something this time around. Since we decided on the name Charleston, we decided on downtown Charleston! :) Here are a few of my favorites......


At my 36 week appointment I was 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced! Baby Charleston can come at anytime! Dr. Fisher said look out for my water breaking or contractions being 5 mins apart for an hour or so. The days following my appointment, my contractions def got closer and stronger really fast! During our ultra sound Miss Charleston was super active, but we got a few good pictures of her! I mean look at those CHEEKS!!! I'm pretty sure she gets those from me! They estimated her to be about 6 lbs and 1 oz. So she's def bigger then Payton! Lets hope she doesn't get much bigger then that by next week! lol. 


So today is my last day of being pregnant! I'm not sure what my emotions are because I'm to exhausted to even think about them! Surprisingly im not really nervous or scared about tomorrow. I know my feelings about the delivery day have been a little different through out my pregnancy - but now that its here, I think im ok! I mean i'm nervous - but who wouldn't be pushing a baby out! lol. 

Richard and I have decided to keep things as simple as possible tomorrow! We have to be at the hospital at 6:45 am. We have told family not to be at the hospital no earlier then 9 am. We have also told all our family and friends that we only want intermediate family at the hospital tomorrow, but everyone else is welcome to come see us on Tuesday. We just want tomorrow to be as simple as we can make it, and no stress for anyone. We will see how that goes! I at least will have my sister their to put anyone in their place if need be! lol. She gets me like that! :) 

So ready to meet this bundle of joy we have been so patiently waiting for! 

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