Saturday, May 30, 2015

Second Trimester

Good Bye Second Trimester

It seems like yesterday I was just talking about my first trimester. But if you've been following my pregnancy journey you know that this baby is growing and I am making my way through these trimesters.

The good news is the second trimester is over. Lol. As I get into my third trimester things have continued to grow and change as the weeks tick by. Other than feeling enormous, things are pretty normal now. I don't know why I feel so much bigger this time around, even though I know I'm right on track. I've found the physical growth and changes of pregnancy to be tougher this time around. 

I think im carrying a little lower this time, which is def more uncomfortable. I've been in maternity clothes pretty much the whole pregnancy. I feel more pressure and cramping especially on my little work outs and walks around the neighborhood. My pain levels are def higher this time around, so taking it easy has been my biggest project. 

She is always kicking and doing summer salts like a maniac, and I am distracted by it all day long. My hands are always on my belly, pushing back and saying hello as she pokes out a hand or foot. It's fun to connect with her. I think she will be a ball of energy just like her cousins. 
20 weeks & 6 days

My stress levels are starting to kick in as I get closer to the third trimester. Our next doctor appointment we will be discussing how we are going to handle the third trimester as well as narrowing a date down on when to induce. We want to make sure its safe for both of us, as well as she is healthy and fully developed. I was 37 weeks & 6 days when Payton passed and exactly 38 weeks when I delivered her. Dr. Fisher wants to deliver Baby C before we get to that point, not only for medical reason but also stress levels in me, Richard & her. My due date is August 29th, so that puts us delivering somewhere between August 8th & 15th. Our next doctors appointment is July 11th where we will have another ultra sound to make sure she is growing on track and we will also talk to Dr. Dillon which is the high risk OB. So between Dr. Fisher & Dr. Dillon we are in very good hands and they plan to do everything possible for us. So for me.. they only thing I need to do is keep my stress levels down! I'm not really sure how to do that..

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