Sunday, March 29, 2015

Baby C needs a name....

Its been revealed.. baby c #2 is a GIRL!!!!

From the moment I got pregnant, especially if it was another girl....I wanted the same initials as Payton. So of course I threw the name Paisley back in the name bag. Richard shot that down the first go around - lets see how it goes this time! I also chose Parker. I know its a common boy name, but I absolutely love it as a girl's name! Its different. I've also looked outside of the "P" names, bc lets face it - their is not a huge selection. For a while now I have liked the name "Charleston." I must of had a dream about it - bc I woke up one more and was like.. OMG! I LOVE IT! lol. And of course we can always call her "Charley" for short. Its not only different in unique, its where we live. We were started this family. Where Payton is.  

Since we are having trouble deciding on which name, I put a poll together for everyone to vote on their favorite name. The middle name will be Bjana, no matter which name we chose. Just follow the link below! 

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