Saturday, June 4, 2011


Thats right!! Im going backpacking through France and Italy!! Please! - be Jealous!! lol. jk - but defiantly be EXCITED!! :D

Im taking my mom, its gonna be a trip of a life time! We are taking the Europass between the two countries and visiting so many places....We leave Monday June 6th. The only things we are taking are ourselfs, 1 backpack each and of course my camera.... 

Tuesday we land in PARIS, France at 6:55am. This gives us all day to play in Paris. I want to be able to get day & night shots of the Effil Tower!! That evening we will take the 7-8 hour traing ride over to Italy. This is where we will see VENICE, ROME, FLORENCE, PISA, & SORRENTO !!  

If we have time we want to see MILAN and NAPLES as well. This will be a week I wont forget! We fly out of Paris on Sunday!!

We are gonna do a Hostels at night, which will be very kool and are actually cheap. I found some that were $14 a night per person! Most of them have pools, and lounges - its like high tech camping, but your in EUROPE!!

Defiantly look out for many PICTURES!!

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Melissa said...

Very cool! I'm excited for you and your Mom! What an awesome bonding experience! Have fun & be safe!