Sunday, June 19, 2011


I absolutely fell in LOVE with ROME !! Its a sight to see like no other!

Getting there was another adventure! We left Notre Dame and headed to Bercy Paris to catch our train. We got to Bercy a few hours before our train left, we thought we check it out too see what was around and get some food! Plus the way our trip had been going we didn't want to get their late or something and miss the train. Well food was a challenge in itself. No one spoke English and non of the menus were in English so wasn't easy to read or find a restaurant with food we knew what it was. We finally settled on a little cafe after walking in circles 3 times, we were starving and they had hamburgers lol! We ordered and was soooo close to getting our food and they said they only take euro's and of course we didn't have any - and their was no place in the area to get some... no food for us! :( At that time we just decided to walk over to the train station, maybe they had something and we could find out the details for our train. 2 hours before departing and so far so good. Everything was on time, yay!! There wasn't much food around, we found a little news stand that had snacks and drinks and they took visa, so we got some pringles, m&m's and sprite! It was good to put something in our stomachs! About an hour before our train leaves we found out it was an hour late :( not a happy camper. We got some more pringles, m&ms and stuff for the train just in case they didn't take visa or they were extremely expensive. Good thing we didn't, cuz they only took euro's which was 38E a pringles for dinner it was...

The train ride was kool. We had our own room with a sink! Haha and I made mom sleep on top - cuz knowing me, id be the one to fall off. lol.

We go to Rome first thing in the morning... First thing we did was Trevi Fountain - OMG!! It is STUNNING!! The details - and architecture was UNREAL!

After Trevi Fountain we went down to the Coliseum! Also VERY STUNNING!! Its crazy that these old buildings are still standing. The are just Amazing! I didn't get a chance to go inside the Coliseum, but I got a ton of pictures of the outside along with everything else around it.

They also found parts of the original city, which were INCREDIBLE to see.

Everything around was sooo AMAZING!!

 Me and Mom had so much fun in in Rome! Here are some pictures of us just goofing off..

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