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All about PARIS!!

I know everyone has been waiting for me to post pictures & tell ya how my trip went ---> so lets get started

Our flight got delayed leaving for Paris, so we didn't get to Paris till about 8am! It took us about an hour to get out of the airport. LOL. We kept getting lost and turned around - I swear we were going in circles. And im sure your asking...why didn't we ask someone to help us... HA cuz know one speaked  English! and this is where all the fun began...

After getting lost in the airport - we finally made it to the train station just to keep getting turned around again. Before we did anything we needed to get our Euro pass validated and our seats reserved. We originally wanted to only spend that afternoon in Paris and leave late that night to head towards Italy..... Well that got messed up cuz trains were booked and the lady didnt really understand us too much. We finally got things situated but we were in Paris for 2 days and 1 day each in Rome and Venice, then back to Paris to catch our flight home. Still so much to see! :D


 Unfortunately it rained the ENTIRE day!! But we still had lots of FUN!!Our adventures of getting turned around didn't stop at the train station as we couldn't really understand the bus system, and we couldn't find anyone to help us! The first time we went the wrong way lol so we had to buy another ticket going towards the right way.... FINALLY we made it to down town PARIS and we got to see the EIFFEL TOWER - which is AMAZING in person!! You don't realize how HUGE it is till  your standing in front of it. Its CRAZY!! We didn't get a chance to go up, the lines were sooooo long, and there was so much stuff we still wanted to see and getting a hotel was first on the list! So if I ever make it back to Paris, I will defiantly go up it!

Trying to do anything was a challenge in its self as no one spoke English and if they did, they didn't let you know it. You hear all the time that French people don't like Americans, but you don't realize it till your experiencing it. For lunch we found a little cafe right down from the Eiffel Tower.. we chose this one because it had a menu in English. Once the waiter found out we were American he just pushed us to a corner and threw our menu's down on the table. He disappeared for about 10 mins and finally asked for our food orders after he had already sat 4 people and took their entire orders.  I noticed when he took orders he removed their menus and put down place mates and silverware - well not so much for us. He left the menus there and NEVER once asked us what we wanted to drink. When he finally brought us our food he kinda just threw the plate down and walked away. Never gave us a chance to say anything and he never came back to check on us. There was another group of back packers that got sat next to us who were treated the same way! It was unreal. We had to beg for our check after we had been sitting there for 10 mins after we finished eating and again he just dropped it on the table and walked away. Needless to say we didn't leave a tip!

After our adventure with lunch we decided to walk around some more to see what we could find. We discovered we had to pay everywhere to use the restroom. It was crazy - so we had to make sure you always had change on you. We did come across these portie pottys that were AWESOME - and if you no me, I HATE PORTIE POTTIES and will do everything to avoid them.

These were free too lol, you just had to stand in line. Only one person at a time, and after each person you had to wait 2 mins before the next person went in. WHY? because it cleaned and sanitized itself after each use. It was awesome. I know I should of got a picture of the inside - but since I didn't I will just tell  you. It had a full working toilet, not like our portie potties. There was a sink and mirror and enough room for like 25 people. It closes' the door on its own, if you hit the button to close door it says "DONT DO THAT" lol. I laughed so hard.. I was like WTH!! 

Time was running slim on us finding a Hotel - It was already 8pm ( but it looked like 4pm it was so light outside ). We started looking for hotels, but weren't having any luck. Everything was like 480E a night, which evens out to about $600 a night. So we kept searching. We were having no luck finding WiFi either to see if we could find something online.We can across a McDonald's that had WiFi, so we ordered a burger! Let me tell you about this...this is sooo kool!! You walk in and there's these computers were you go in and order your food and pay for it, then you walk up to the counter and hand them your ticket and wala - your food is handed to you. It was kool! Ok back to Hotel searching...... We found a few right around the corner and we kept walking and walking and every one we found was full. We can across a hostel, but the manager was out and no one knew if he had any space available or not and wouldn't return till after 10pm. We had 30 mins to waste - so we walked back to McDonald's to see if we could find anything else. We finally came across a hotel that was available!! THANK GOODNESS because it was already 10:30! (Hostel guy never showed up) It was expensive but way cheaper then anything we found and at the point we were looking at sleeping on the streets of Paris so we took it.

James - our French friend, helped us get in our hotel room. They even had WiFi, getting on FB we had notifications and messages like crazy because no one had head from us. James was kool. he spoke English so we were able to talk about things and learn some kool things. This picture was taken about 11:30 and it had just got dark about 30 mins before. The min it got dark, the streets emptied it was crazy.

DAY 2 in PARIS!!

For Day 2 we went down to NOTRE DOME!! It was sooo Pretty!! People were much nicer and the weather was better! So over all to a good 2nd day! lol. That morning we found a cute little cafe and ordered croissants and cappuccino! It was FABULOUS!! We met some other travelers who were originally from GA, but live in California. He was a Photographer as well as a teacher at the Brooks institute of Photography!! IM SO JEALOUS!!! I soooo wanted to go to that school!! Its AMAZING!!

After croissants we walked down to see Notre Dome, It was so Pretty!! The structure was just amazing and the details... STUNNING!!

Even the buildings around the area were so pretty!! 

Overall Paris was an experience! By the time we left Paris we got a hang of all the bus systems. Even though people were rude to us, we still smiled and went on our way! We just wanted to see the sites. Which were MAGNIFICENT!! Im not sure if I will ever make it back to Paris to stay. If im in a surrounding country then I will defiantly make a day trip over to go up the Eiffel Tower and see some other sites I missed.

This building was kool as anything! The hole thing had plants growing from it. You could see all the water running down the bottom. Could you imagine what its like to keep this alive and growing. Its awesome!!

Here are a few I have edited from PARIS!!

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