Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Charleston's FIRST Birthday Party!

After months and months of planning Charleston's first birthday party, the big day finally arrived. Our house was filled last Saturday with friends and family with an outpouring birthday love for our sweet girl. The whole day was kinda of surreal, and I still can't believe our baby girl is a year old. I wanted to make this a special birthday for her (even if she wont remember it) and Im so happy with how everything turned out.

Even though my mind was in that crazy hosting-coordinating-wrangling mode, I still manged to get a handful of photos. I am truly greatful for my sister, Brandy and my mother n law for the photos they got as well. I know my dad played photographer too, but I have not had a chance to get those. The day went by so fast, that I truly cherish these photos!

Her cake was the inspiration for the whole color theme of the party. I ordered it from Tiers of Joy, she also did our Wedding cake. From that I created & designed her invitation and printed from mixbook. After that was her chalkboard that I created in photoshop. Pinterest and Etsy played a huge part in helping me decorate for her party. (You can click on any photo and it will enlarge it.)

Seeing all my decorations come to life made me so happy. The colors, the cake, her outfit, the details... it all turned out perfect.

Her banner around her high chair was made from tissue paper that I cut and twisted to make "tassels." They turned out better then I thought, as I made them 10 mins before the party. The "ONE" I had made when I did her cake smash sessions. Those were numbers that I bought from ac moore and spray painted and attached the gold dots and the princess crown. The pink carriage I bought from hobby lobby and spray painted as it was originally a hot pink. 

Charleston did so good opening her presents. Her favorite things were def the books, till she got to Aunt Brandy's princess castle! 


This girl was super EXCITED when it was time to eat cake! She wasted no time! You can see her Cake Smash blog here.


We didnt get a lot of photos.. but I did get a few!
Her out fit and my necklace came from etsy and my jumpsuit and her shoes came from amazon.

I think her first birthday was def a success and she was completely showered with love!

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