Thursday, February 26, 2015

oh she glows... the first trimester!

I'm sitting here writing this and im currently at the end of my first trimester suddenly thinking, December 20th seems forever ago. That was the day I found out I was pregnant with our 2nd child.

Ever since I was in high school I wanted kids. At least 2. 1 boy and 1 girl... but isn't that every little girls dream? I had my plan perfectly laid out - 2 kids before I was 25. Perfect right? Not so much.... But now that I look back on it, I'm glad I was 30 before I got pregnant. I got to travel and enjoy my 20s. When I got pregnant with Payton, I was ECSTATIC. Scared, but super excited! But after everything that happened, I wasn't sure I wanted to go through the process again. Of course I told the world I did, who wouldn't want another kid? As time passed, I decided I really wanted another kid. But I wanted to make sure I was physically ready for another pregnancy. My 6 week visit was the end of October and Dr. Fisher said I was good to go! Of course like any other husband and wife who wants kids, we jumped on that practice train. My first ovulation cycle came around and then the news of not pregnant. I was super sad. No worries - we can try for next month. Well that cycle came and gone and still the pregnancy test were showing no. By this time I felt like we had been trying for years and I was never gonna get pregnant. Reality was it had only been 2 months and I was just getting ahead of myself...

13 weeks later and I've jumped on this pregnancy train again. Ready for another 9 month adventure, but completely nervous, scared, and worried. But super Happy! Its been an interesting 3 months. I've already seen a difference from my first pregnancy. This one I'm exhausted more and hungry all the time. I can eat a huge meal and still be starving. There are days the more I eat the hungrier I get. I never had cravings with Payton, nor did I ever know what I wanted to eat (well that part hasn't changed). I feel like I need to actually see the dish before I want to eat it.

From the start, people were asking: are you sure your not having twins? As much as I would love twins, I doubt there is 2 in their...

Getting uncomfortable sleeping already, tossing and turning. I feel bad that I'm only 10 weeks and I've already kicked Richard to the couch.

We were hoping at my 12 week appointment we would be able to find out the sex of the baby like we did with Payton. The ultrasound tech said since I wasn't quite 12 weeks she was not comfortable saying one way or the other, but she did lean more towards one way (but that is our little secret).

Well we confirmed only 1 baby! Very active, but only for a short time. It would get a burst of energy for about 5 mins. then take a short nap... kinda of the way my days go. lol. 

There a lot that goes on in your first trimester. By the end of your third month the baby is fully formed. Baby C has arms, hands, fingers, feet and toes. She (thats what I call it and Richard calls it a He...) can open it's fists and mouth. The fingernails and toenails are beginning to develope. The most crazy part is that the beginnings of teeth are starting to form... good thing they don't have teeth when they are born. lol.  At this point - Baby C is the size of a peach. Its fascinating the process it takes to growing a human. Even my 2nd time around im still amazed that im actually growing a human inside me. 

I haven't really craved a lot during my first trimester. I still like my sweets. Crazy thing is I haven't eaten BK in forever, Richard mentions it once and thats all the baby wants. I feel like I cant eat enough whoppers - even with mayo on it. I just want to puke saying it. lol. But hey if it makes the baby happy and she gets full - then I'm all for it. 

I didn't have any morning sickness either, which was great but boy did that nausea train hit me like a rock the beginning of my 13th week. It hasn't been that strong since the first night, so hopefully that train was only making a quick stop. 

I'm looking forward to my second trimester, but really hoping I get a burst of energy back.  

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