Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Baby C #2 on the way...

Richard & I are truly excited to announce our second pregnancy. 
In December we went to Disney, and before I went I took several different pregnancy test but they all said no - but I was for sure I was pregnant! I could feel it. We spent the week in Florida with my family as planned. I wanted to take a test when got back, but it was late in the afternoon and I really wanted to do it first thing. Richard had to work the next day so it was perfect. The next morning I woke up and took my test. As I walked back into the bathroom to check on it, my best friend Dixie called. I answered it as I looked at the test and screamed! "OMG IM PREGNANT!"  She was like wait, what? She was the only person I told. I wanted to surprise Richard like I did the first time around so I surprised him Christmas Eve, bc thats when we do "our Christmas." 


I decided to make Richard a little onesie for the baby to open during presents. But I needed something else - then I came across this poem, that hinted but did not blow it at first. 

"I do not have a face to see,
Or put inside a frame.
I do not have soft cheeks to kiss, 
I do not yet have a name. 

You can't yet hold my tiny hands,
Nor whisper in my ear. 
It's still too soon to sing a song,
Or cuddle me so near.

But all will change come August 2015;
When my mommy says I'm due. 
I am your new son or daughter,
and I can't wait to meet you!

All I ask between now and then
is your patience while I grow.
I promise I'll be worth the wait,
Because of all the love we'll know!

So what I give you now,
is a wish to you from me.
I cannot wait to be a part
of this Wonderful Family!"

Richard was super excited because all he could say was "really?" really?" "are you sure?" "really?" I told Richard Richard if you want to tell our parents for Christmas too - they each have the same present under the tree - the poem is just slightly changed! 

I was super excited to tell all of our family for Christmas, because no one knew! The only person who knew was Dixie. I even kept it from my sister! 

Let the pregnancy adventures begin.. 

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