Saturday, April 5, 2014

First Trimester

 Surviving Pregnancy: The First Trimester.

So the first trimester wasn't too bad. I never really had any morning sickness, but I did get that nauseated feeling. The bad part is I completely lost my appetite! Real food did not look good to me at all! I ate mostly sweets, which yes I know its bad.. but that is all I could eat. I had stock in popsicles, and they were the healthy all fruit ones, so what did it hurt! I had a little back pain but nothing I wasn't already used to! I was exhausted all the time! That part I hated! I felt like I couldn't do anything. All I wanted to do is sleep! 

At 8 weeks we got to "confirm" our pregnancy as well as do an ultra sound! We were super excited to see our little gummy bear! And that's exactly what it looked liked, didn't surprise me as I eat them like crazy! We were sad and glad at the same time that it was only one! Even though I would of loved to have twins!! Its crazy how much they grow between weeks!
The difference in ultrasounds are crazy!

8weeks, 0days

12weeks, 3days

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