Sunday, May 1, 2011


For the last year and some change Ive been working at a call center in Sumter. From the outside it looks like a good job, but when you reach the insides - your world gets turned upside down!

I spent the first 4 weeks in a training class! Things were great - my world was looking up! Met some awesome people - who have become great friends and who have taken this journey with me.

If you ever worked at a call center - ITS CRAZY!! Its a very structure environment, your told when you can go to lunch, or break, or even leave your desk - to be honest all this was fine. I only spent about a week or so on the floor after we went "live" and became production agents. The last week of training I was asked if I was interested in the OMD position - which indeed I was. I was asked to apply to see if I was even qualified, but my initial application and interview was marked. So of course I applied just like any other agent who was interested... went through all the interviews and even the excel testing ( remind you I hadn't touched excel since college, back in 2002 ). Even know it was basic excel - I wasn't sure if I was gonna get through it... but to my surprise I did. YAY!!

Things went down hill from there.... Agents weren't happy that I got the position as you had to be in your current position for 90 days before you could even apply for another position. But the OMD department was in a bind, as the only OMD Analyst had quit. But I did the same thing that everyone else did for the position, I cant help I was more qualified.

I enjoyed the position as I did scheduling, payroll, time off request, even did reports (that part was my favorite). I always followed policies, but did everything that I could to help an agent when needed. I understand agents got upset when you cant give them the day off because you dont have availability - but really, AM I TO BLAME FOR THAT? I was just doing my job.

Its been over a year, and the lies and drama has just escalated around me.  I never understood as why I was always the topic of everyone's conversations... Its ridiculous. I feel like I work in a daycare. Come on people - YOUR ADULTS.

I was the only analyst who worked for this specific account, (now we have 2 clients and more analyst - but they all did the other account ) So I was the only one answering emails, doing time off request, scheduling, payroll and even watching queues to make sure agents were where they were suppose to be. That's a lot of work for one person. But I did the best I could. And when something wasnt done with in 5 mins or they didnt get a yes - I had agents and TM's on my back.

At the beginning of the year we thought things would get better as we did get a new site director and shortly down the road a new OMD Manger - Not a happy camper on that end... but it is what it is!

Things have just gone down hill completely! My stress level has been on max for quite sometime now. With in the year I have been diagnosed with MCTD and Fibromyalgia, not to mention I already have psoriasis. A few years ago I fractured my L5 vertebra and both feet. I spent 3 months in a wheel chair and learned how to walk again on my 21st birthday. I don't brag or mention this to people as I dont want sympathy.... The pain I deal with day to day just gets worse. I dont care to take the pain meds that doctors give me, only because Ive taken everything possible and nothing seems to work. So I just learn to deal with it. Its a part of my life and me. I admit with the stress level and pain level rising in my life - the "bubbly" side of me has slowly disappeared - especially at work. And I hate it. I wake up ever morning saying this will be a good day - its A NEW DAY, but the second I get to work, I have emails and people jumping down my throat about stuff that isnt even my fault or issue. I will help you in every way possible - but dont get an attitude with me. Thats no way to fix things. How do you expect me to respect you if I dont even get respect from you?

To this day I still dont hate my job, I love what I do. Its the fact that their is no organization, a huge lack of communication and the upper management is all over the place. I cant take it anymore.

For months I have been applying for new jobs, and everyone knows this economy is not good. Most people are lucky to have a job. Which indeed Im one of them. But I cant work in this environment anymore....

Between the frustration in my life I just dont have the will power to do anything else. I bring my frustration from work home and the frustration I have at home I take work.... When Im at work I just want to go home, and when Im at home I just want the day to end. I dont have the energy to do anything else.

I need a new start. I need a new chapter in my life. I just dont know where to begin...


Melissa said...

I can so relate to this about work. My job is amazing. It's not difficult, the hours are great BUT the people I work WITH suck. End of story. They make my otherwise fantastic job a royal pain in my ass. I bitch and moan constantly. I feel your pain. I truly do. Hang in there, let's look for new jobs together :)

Our Nasty Secret said...

I absolutely hate the Call Center Life. It makes me want to hammer a nail through my hand. Its not the customers, its the people you have to work for. I was on the remedy desk after moving up the ranks. Helping fellow employees is harder than helping the customers. Everyone brings their own individual attitude and it sucks.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you B!!! You did that so tasteful, awesome job. This place is a piece of shit. TM's acting like kids, agents acting ho's and liar's. That's why I keep to myself and watch as it all tumbles down.