Monday, August 31, 2009

Debordieu SC - Pawleys Island

"The Twins - Anderson & Lil David"

[Camera Time]

[Weee...(Lile David) & some kisses]

[Lunch Time]

[Anderson LOVES his mac n cheese - mmmmm]

[Getting into everything (Anderson climbing on fruniture)
- How far can they push their luck]

[Lil David found the place mats]

[Day on the Beach]

[Anderson headed straight for the water]

[Lil David didnt care for the Beach, Sand or Sun]

[Anderson felt the need to eat the sand]

[Anderson excited about the pool]

[Lil David Stylin & Profiling]

As you can see these boys are cute as buttons! I had sooo much fun with the Wells Family this week at the Beach. They were a handful, but defiantly worth my time. I didnt realize how much these little guys could brighten my days. They have stolen my heart - Can you love two guys at once?

[The Wells Family]

[Mommy playing Photographer]

[My GOOFY Parents]

[BEST FRIENDS - Mom & Mary]

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