Saturday, June 21, 2014

Second Trimester

Surviving Pregnancy: The Second Trimester. 

This trimester was a little harder for me! I grew much faster during these weeks! Still no appetite or cravings! We found out the reason I was so sick my first trimester and most of the second trimester because we had mold underneath the house! Once we got that cleared out, I felt better. Except for being exhausted! I felt like I got more exhausted every day! Im not sure what happened to the "pregnancy glow" that everyone talks about, because I defiantly did not get that! haha. My hair got so dry and brittle and I started breaking out again! Luckily not much, thanks to my Mary Kay routine! 

18weeks, 3days

12weeks, 6days

12weeks, 6days

The 3D ultra sounds are really creepy! Its kinda cool at the same time because you can see more of the details with the baby! It defiantly has my nose!

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