Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thoughts for today..

What you do, do with passion. As you live, fill life with meaning. Each moment is a precious, irreplaceable bundle of unique and immense value. Each and every day is an opportunity to add great new richness to your life. Don’t get caught up in obsessing over what went wrong or what might not work out. Instead, get completely caught up in making the very best of what is, when it is.
There is no need to wait a moment longer to experience the fulfillment you seek. The possibilities are here and now, and you can act decisively to bring them to life. Let the shortcomings serve as guides for where to make improvements. Let each disappointment remind you why it is so important to bring your dreams to life. Embrace today for all it is, and resolve to live it fully. Give your absolute best, and what you get will be even better.

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