Saturday, February 27, 2010

There is a Reason

“There comes a point in life when you realize who matters, who never did, who won’t anymore, and who always will. Don’t worry about people from your past – there’s a reason they never made it to your future…”

"Is there such a thing as people who never meant to be in your life? Perhaps there is some truth to the above statement.

I will just like to say off the bat, that I’m so glad to have the people in my life right now, those who have allowed me to be in their lives and those who I’ve allowed to be in mine.

I think that when it comes to people, we need to understand two things – one, what’s the purpose of them being in our lives and two, at what stage or duration are they supposed to be there. You’ve heard it said before, “There’s friends for a reason, friends for a season and friends for life!”

“Who matters…who never did…who won’t anymore…who always will”

It’s all about my commitment to others, such as my family, my friends, my boyfriend, and people who’ll read LOVE OUT LOUD, they matter to me because I’m committed to them. I’m choosing to give myself to them on my own free will, despite their commitment to me. The one person I feel this towards is my younger sister! That girl can do anything and I’d still love her as if she did nothing bad! I don’t remember the last time I ever was in unforgiveness towards her (if I ever was), I was mad at her but she matters to me so much that it just goes away the next day! :)

Very few times in my life did I ever feel this way. These are the people that God has placed in my life, gave them an opportunity to impact my life or contribute by adding value to it, and never really chose to do anything. I never really sensed it much, because I tend to see the purpose in all my connections but there have been people who’ve haven’t done anything, and it’s not because they weren’t meant to be in my life, but they simply chose not to participate in my life (or haven’t allowed me to participate in theirs).

I met tons of these people! The “Who Won’t Anymore’s” are not bad people, but they are those who at one point or another mattered greatly, I either was committed to them, or they had a covenant (promise) with me and chose to “not” to, “anymore”. So, the “Who Won’t Anymore’s” again aren’t bad people but have not made the choice to be “Who Always Will” kinda people. It’s one’s own choice and these people are seasonal. I think this is the largest group of people we’ll ever experience in our lives.

People who I am in covenant with or who have declared a commitment to me. They are those who have chosen to contribute significantly to my destiny, like my leaders, my very best friends. Those who stuck with me through thick and thin and still believed that they are called to help me in my destiny as I in theirs are the ones who have paid the price to commit to their relationship with me. When I make a covenant with someone, I assume that they will keep it and not break it – therefore I will tend to give myself freely to people like this. It’s great when they actually keep their word and never become the “Who Won’t Anymore’s”.

I probably was each one of these types of people, but I desire greatly to be a “Who Matters” person and a “Who Always Will” person. I want to reduce being a “Who Won’t Anymore” person to people, but in reality, we’ll only truly come across a select few who will always matter, like our spouses, our family, and perhaps even a few good friends that you can only count on the palm of your hand.

And finally…“Don’t worry about people from your past – there’s a reason they never made it to your future…”

I know that when we worry about people in our past, we really don’t realize who we have in the here and now, and more importantly, who we will have in the future.

Now, people who haven’t made it to our future because of choice or situations or circumstances. We’ll never have all the answers as to why this happens – BUT it goes without saying that God has a great plan for all of us! And I truly believe there is a reason why some just don’t make it. Will we know? Probably not until we get to heaven, but all I know is that everybody that makes it in your future are meant to be there.

I believe it takes commitment, dedication, perseverance and character to be in anyone’s future! It’s a strong price to pay to stick with someone for possibly the rest of your life and people will only make that kind of commitment if they have a reason to. For a person to make it to your FUTURE would have to see the value you have in theirs, and therefore everyone in your future has paid some price to stay there! It makes them worthy of being a part of your life journey! It’s a given that there are reasons why people aren’t in your life, but I believe that people who choose to be in yours and you allow them to be, is such a beautiful thing! It’s rare, but if you can have people in your life who are willing to make that sacrifice, commitment and devotion – it’s so wonderful! And I believe it’s starts with being that type of person to others."

This is something I found....I tweaked it a little, but it fits so perfect for the way  I feel about people im my life.


Anonymous said...

You don't mention anything about people you that blew off in the past. I had another close friend that blew me off also which I still have no idea why. I was told that I was trailer trash, maybe that is why. I still have no idea why we aren't really friends anymore...but it doesn't matter because I have no hard feelings. Everything happens for a reason.

Bjana said...

I dont just blow people off. If our friendship came to an end then there was a reason, but for the most part I dont just stop hanging out with people. But since you commented anonymously I cant tell you why!?